When it comes to content marketing, it is no longer enough to just hire an iphone app developer. You now need to fully contribute your quota too. When you hire a great iphone app developer, he can make the content available on your apps but he can’t convince customers to buy.

The strategies you will adopt for content marketing really depends on the kind of content you offer. For instance, if you sell musical tracks, then the sound effect of your app should be great so that every track will sound great on it. Your hired iphone app developer should design your app in such a way that buyers can listen to the music before buying it.

Although the choice of your hired iphone app developer is important in content marketing, there are certain tips that are more important as they contribute more to the success of your content marketing than any hired iphone app developer. Here are the tips.

Don’t expect sudden result

A lot of people stop content marketing halfway because they think it is not working. Here is the thing. There are too much content on the web that readers are overwhelmed. Posting one great article will not yield a quick result because it will take a while before readers locate you.

However, the more you post informative content the more you will receive visitors. The ones that saw your first content will come back for more while others will find out your blog as you post more. So, it may take months or years before you can achieve expected results.

You can revise old content

It is quite difficult to keep churning out great content. You may experience writers’ block once in a while. So, when you run out of ideas, instead of leaving your readers hanging, you can re-spin an old one. You can present it in another form or update it.

You can look for some of your content that enjoyed the most views and repurpose it. On this note, it is better to post topics that can easily be repurposed or updated.

Maintain your social media presence

Social media is important to the success of your content marketing as it will increase your visibility. You should do everything possible to increase the number of your followers as they will be the readers of your content and buyers of most of them.

Have you observed that over 90 percent of content that found their way to the social media were written somewhere else. So, while you post content regularly, you should also maintain your social media presence. In fact, posting any of your content on your social media will make it easy for it for the post to be shared. In fact, a lot of readers check through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook for fresh content every time.

Listen to your audience

It is important to study the reaction of your audience to each of your content. This will help you create relevant content. Don’t be angry at criticism. Just see it as a feedback and an opportunity for you to improve. To this end, it is important to provide platform for readers to make comments to any of your posts or content.

It is even more important to respond to your content with a professional tone. The views of your audience are very important since your posts are meant for them.

Send clear messages

All the content you post should uphold your business values and what your brand stands for. So, it is important to make your message crystal clear without any ambiguity. Vague messages cannot be interesting enough to attract readers.

Split your posts

It is very difficult to come up with original content all the time, so it is important to split your post. For instance, if you have about 10 points on an issue, it is better to send 5 points first and send the other 5 later. Someone who sends 3 points on the first day, 3 points on the second day, and 4 points on the third day will attract more readers than someone who sends the whole 10 points on the first day and remains silent on the second and third day.

Maintain a consistent voice

All your posts must have the same tone. It is part of your identity as a brand. If you prefer a professional tone, you should stick to it and if you want a casual or friendly tone, stick to it. Changing your tone is like you are undecided about your identity.

Monitor your competitors

You need to monitor the kind of posts your competitors send. In fact, you need to subscribe to all their newsletters. This will give you an edge over them. In any competition, the more information you have about your competitors, the higher your chances of winning.

In the movie – Godfather, Godfather said keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. The only reason for this is to monitor them. It is for this same reason that espionage is the oldest and most effective military tactics.

Focus on search engine optimization

While it is important to write quality content, it is also important to include necessary keywords so as to be able to raise your search engine ranking. SEO is an old but very effective marketing technique.

Hire a content marketing specialist

It is also necessary to hire a content marketing specialist if you can afford the cost. While you will get so many providers of the service, the quality of their services will vary and so will their charges. So, if you have to hire a good content marketer at the lowest possible cost, you may need to apply some important tips.

Contact at least four of them before you make a choice. That way, you will be able to do price comparison and negotiation. You should also consider their experience. Since the most experienced service provider is likely to offer the best service, you can go for the most experienced one. However, you also need to understand that experience comes with a cost. So, the most experienced content marketing specialist is likely to offer the highest charges.

If you can afford the charges, you can go ahead. However, if you can’t, you have no choice to select the next one in line. While it is natural to select the service provider with the lowest charges, you should be wary of overly low charges too. It could be a pointer to a poor job.

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Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies in India, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.