What to consider before buying office chairs online? Well, online shopping has become the new normal in the world. As per a 2019 stat, 10.4% of Australians buy furniture online. And there’re plenty of reasons. You can deduct the cost of middlemen when buying furniture online. Also, you’ll get plenty of designs in the same model when shopping online. But before you buy an office chair from online shops, you should ensure that you’re buying the right one.


Office chairs are different from residential chairs, as we’ve to spend more hours sitting on them. Hence, choosing the wrong chairs can come with various consequences for long hours of sitting. Let’s discuss that in the below article.


What can happen when you sit for long hours on the wrong chair?


Well, you must know that we spend lots of hours in front of the computer in the office. And sitting on the wrong chair can impact the employees’ health.


And here’re 5 consequences of sitting on the wrong office chair,


  1. Improperly adjusted office chairs can lead to poor blood circulation. If the chair isn’t fully adjusted, it can hinder the blood flow to certain body parts, i.e., shoulders, back, legs and neck. Hence, it’s a must to invest in the right chairs for office use.


  1. Having incorrect seating in the office can also decrease concentration while promoting poor brain health and fatigue among employees. Sitting uncomfortably will distract you every time you want to concentrate on your work. You’ll spend more time trying to find out a comfortable position which eventually will make you tired.


  1. Sitting for extended periods on an ill-fitting chair can negatively impact digestive health. The food can only reach other parts of the body if it gets dissolved properly. And sitting on an improper chair for long hours can slow down the process.


  1. Sitting for long hours on uncomfortable chairs can increase body fat leading to unhealthy weight gain. Sitting on the wrong type of chair for a prolonged period can lead to a lack of movement that can lead to weight gain.


  1. Sitting on an unsuitable chair for longer hours can also develop pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Bad office chairs can make the spine inflexible and result in pain in certain areas.


How to find the right office chairs when buying online?


Buying an office chair from online stores isn’t tough. All you’ll have to browse through the models and buy the one you want. But you must ensure that you’re buying the right chairs.


Well, here’re some tips,


  • Ensure that you’re buying it from a reputed website with positive customer reviews.


  • Check the recent reviews of the product before buying the chair.


  • Ensure that the office chair you’re buying has adjustable height and tilt control features.


  • Make sure that the sit dimension of the office chair is large enough to accommodate your employees comfortably.


  • Choosing an office chair with an adjustable armrest will be a great option.


  • Consider the materials and padding of your office chair before buying one.


  • Look for office chairs with wheels instead of ones with no wheels.


  • Consider the lumber support feature when buying office chairs from online sites.


  • Seek other ergonomic features like a headrest or divided seat back for more support.


Bottom line,


Buying office chairs online isn’t new. Most employers like to buy their office furniture from online shops to reduce the middlemen's costs. But investing in the right chair is a must. Sitting on the wrong chair can cause severe health issues in people. And we hope this article will help you with that.

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