Who is your Ideal Client?

I ask this question of all of my clients when we start working together.
The majority of them tell me; they will work for anyone who needs their product or service.

So what's wrong with that, you may ask?

Let me tell you a story about my client who has a building company.
When I asked them to describe their Ideal Client they told me that they didn't have one.

They would do work for anyone.

They were spending time and money on marketing which wasn't giving them the return they wanted.

When we talked further we discovered that some of their clients were more bother than they were worth. For example, late payers or those customers who added more jobs to the original quote and expected to pay the same price.  Or those who got quotes but didn't have the money in place to go ahead. Worse still they were doing jobs that weren't profitable. Aaaagh... !

So we went on to list their best clients the ones who paid promptly,  those who didn't want discounts and willingly gave repeat and referral business.
My client easily named these types of customers, and we ended up with a comprehensive list.

We then looked at the commonalities between all of their clients on the list.

Here's what we found; 

• All were professionals
• All earning over approx. £40,000
• All lived within 20 miles in affluent areas (very important)
• All over 40
• All took a pride in their homes
• All wanted to keep their homes up to date
• All were profitable jobs, new kitchens, loft conversions or extensions

These were the comments from Andrew, about his best clients Andrew loved working with all of these people

• The work was extremely interesting
• They all paid promptly
• They all had given repeat and referral business
• They had all given great testimonials

Now we had a blueprint of their ideal client. Now we were in a position to craft a laser focused message which would resonate with the problems this type of prospective customer was experiencing.

To do this we carried out some research and these are some of the problems that their ideal clients had been worried about before getting building work done.

• Considerate of the rest of the house, keep it clean
• Starting on time, if you say you are coming at 8.00am be sure you come at 8.00am
• To start the job within the agreed timescale. If you say you will be able to commence work in 3 months then start in 3 months
• Regular communication throughout the job, no surprises
• Doing what you promise
• Value for money. Best quality materials for what they could pay

Having this information made it very easy to craft  marketing messages which resonated with the problems that ideal clients were concerned about. It also made the job of finding these ideal clients very easy.
The result for this builder - he doubled his business in 6 months.

Here's what you can do today.

• Identify your ideal clients
• Identify the commonalities
• Identify the ideal clients problems
• Establish where they hang out


Author's Bio: 

Dylis is an experienced Sales and Marketing Expert. Leader, Mentor, Speaker and Author of forthcoming book; “Attract Your Ideal Clients….with ease!”
She has more than 25 years’ experience in the sales and marketing environment,.
14 of those years were spent in the Financial Services Sector.

During her time in Financial Services she was promoted from a Financial Adviser to Field Sales Manager and finally enjoyed the position of Regional Sales Director.