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You have three levels of creativity,

Or, What’s down there in my unconscious?

Have an issue you're working on, trying to get at? How deep is that issue?

Did you know we have different issues at different depths in our psyche?

A HUGE benefit of Client-controlled Testing (CCT) self-muscle-testing of any kind, kinesiology testing (KT) of any kind, is the ability to discern DEPTH OF ISSUE, what depth your issue is active on.

Correctly identifying the depth of your issue is a major locational key. Our three levels are characterized a few paragraphs below.

In the NEW Energy Anatomy, and Best Practices in Healing System, the closer you can get to your issues, the more precisely you can identify it its location in 3D space, the closer you are to a solution.

This is not rocket science; is is real estate: location,location, location.

Even if you have no idea how to solve it, once you find it, the more precisely you can locate it in your body or outside your skin, the more likely you are to stumble upon primary causative factors—and solutions.

Q: This sounds very common-sensical. Why is this new?

A: It is common-sensical; that's why it works. People do not use this approach for several reasons:

- Our language is skewed to abstractions, to protecting and defending our isolated conscious self, who lives only from the neck up. Most of our issues are active FROM THE HEAD DOWN, in our inner child. Our excess reactivity, the major stumbling block to our growth is virtually all in our gut, not our head (Bertrand Babinet).

- People do not like to confront issues they have no Tools That Heal for.
Conversely, the more Tools in your Healing Toolbox, the more confidence and courage you have to face larger unresolved issues.

Your three levels of creativity

Human creativity exists on three frequency levels: conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. Everyone has these creative levels. We are creative on all three frequencies simultaneously. Our rational yak-yak mind is just one "radio station." At least two more radio stations play 24/7 in our psyche or we could not be fully human.

Conscious creativity characterized

"I think there fore I am," is part of conscious creativity, self-concept is part of this, "my goals define me" is part of this.

The less pleasant part is, humans learn thru forming habits, that is, thru repeating behaviors. Any behavior we repeat, the basic self will learn, will take seriously--whether you wish it to or not.

Consequently, we have habits all over the place. More precisely, we have habits of behaving:

- Physically
- Imaginally
- Emotionally
- Mentally
- Mythologically and unconsciously
- Spiritually, in terms of perceptions of our self and God

Behavior we allow-promote-create to repeat are also forms habits and unresolved issues with:

1) our self, health and inner child
2) our mother, father, brother-sister, sons-daughters, immediate support system
3) other people we don't know
4) the wider world, service and career
5) how we connect with the Home Office, how we connect with our own Divinity.

Our habits on all these levels and frequencies above, taken together, can be talked about as our habit body.

Your conscious involvement in allowing-promoting-creating repeating behaviors on any of these levels summarizes and encompasses our conscious creativity

Sub-conscious creativity

This is our happiness, the bubbling up from inside of joy and gratitude, the happiness of our contented child within. This includes happy, satisfied and contented memories from our family of origin. Don't have any? It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. If you have a lot of demolition and new construction needed here, this is where guided visualizations and Ideal Scenes are for. These are your main Tools That Heal for this.

What self-healing can you do today? What's in your Healing Toolbox?

Unconscious creativity

This is similar to sub-conscious creativity but much less articulate. The green Incredible Hulk is in many ways a wonderful metaphor for our unconscious capacities. One version of the Hulk is inarticulate rage, liver-rage, striking out indiscriminately at everything and everyone. If you can shift this capacity to the positive, imagine a happy Hulk, you have a very close analogy to our healthy unconscious, at least in pop culture terms. The second Hulk movie has a quiet scene with Betty Banner and the Hulk alone in a cave while it rains. That's the right direction for happiness for Hulk.

The other good reference point for happy unconscious creativity is kundalini energy flowing upwards thru the body in GENTLE upward spirals. Much tantra and kundalini literature, instruction and teaching promotes and encourages explosive upward-rising energy; so, people keep failing to find to find the healthy middle ground of FEELING where Earth energy flows upwards thru the body in gentle spirals.

To get to gentle spirals, involves "intending" or "aiming" at the frequency of Soul or higher. I don't claim to understand this completely nor have I accomplished this fully at all. Aiming at Soul and Above, is the only way, only target, only destination, I know of that dissolves the DRAMA of the feminine and spares the body and psyche from these dramas. Energy rising in the body aimed at Soul and Above handles this much more smoothly. It appears any lower target allows-promotes-creates drama. If you like drama, then there's no problem with aiming lower. As they say at the self-service hospital: "Suture self."

The above characterizes our three levels of creativity until you contribute some clear way to say these things.

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