“Directing Your Lucid Dreams

There are many different spiritual realms that we can interact with. Most people feel that we are stuck in this one plane but all the great teachers who have come such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, and many more talked about the many planes of spirit.

Even the Great Psychic Edgar Cayce talked about moving from one spiritual plane to another. And even going into the Akashic Realm of Spirit in which all of the past and the future events of everyone are written. And thus one can know all there is to know.

How Do We Move into Different Spiritual Realms?

Have You Ever Had Dreams About Flying?

(The Sufi M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen said:

The soul of man as the capacity to realized all of the powers in creation.

It has the power to attract, beckon, and summons the prophets,

The heavenly beings and all the other beings.

It has this exalted power.

The wisdom and soul of man has this immense power because it was created

out of the totality of power.)

And this means that we have that great power to do whatever it is we want to do. As Jesus said, “You can do all of this and more”. It also means we can open ourselves up to great understanding and enlightenment.

Flying in our dreams allows us to move from one spiritual plane to another. There are no barriers. There are no walls, all we have to do is awaken while having a dream. This can be done with practice… just notice that you are dreaming and then you are able to direct what you want to do… and go where you want to go. If this does not take place for you then start journaling your dreams for a while and it might start to happen. And also ask yourself during the day if you are dreaming or is this reality?

The most important aspect is to not get lost in the different spiritual and astral realms. I recommend you envision a cord of light that goes from your heart of your body and attaches to your light body… the one doing the flying… and then outward to where ever it is that you fly.

Fear will hold you back… if you are fearful nothing will happen. You can even visit those who have departed in heaven. Connecting with the great avatars and speak with them. You can even connect to the vast realm of all knowing energy and the ultimate great field of ONENESS. Some call this God, Allah, Jehovah, and many more names.

You can also go to other places on earth and see what’s going on there. You can also fly into the oceans, into space, and out into the Universe. There is nothing that can stop you… except for your own fear.

I personally have done this multiple times, going off to see this and that. The last time I was flying up in the air and then I saw a great ship in the sky. Like a huge cruise liner which was full of people and they were leaving and moving upward. For me, this meant that a huge change is about to happen very soon and that people would be leaving.

Dreams and waking dreams have been talked about in all the spiritual texts as super important.

Give it a try, you might be amazed at what you find.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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