I watched as the new baby emerged into the world

Startling everyone with his shrill cry

What a sight

What a beauty.

Everyone is excited at the sight of this tiny bundle of joy,

Everyone is attentive to his cry, yes, at his beck and call.

There was a thought looming large at the back of my mind...

What will this child be tomorrow?

Who will this baby be in future?

What is his destiny like?

A closer look at this bundle of joy

Revealed to me that his palms were closed in a fist!

His palms were closed?

Why did he close his palms?

Is he keeping anything from us?

What could that be?

Did anyone give him a gift?

Who could that be?

And what's the gift all about?

As I was musing on all these questions,

There was a cry of pain and agony

Coming from another part of the hospital building...

"An elderly man in his century has just breathed his last", a Nurse said

What an irony! I thought

One family has an addition and another a subtraction,

As this thought were racing through my mind,

They wheeled the old man's body passed

On their way to the morgue...

His palms were open...

Another food for thought;

The new-born baby came with his palms closed in a fist,

The old man left the world with his palms open...

It hit me like a thunderbolt...


Each of us came with our talents, purpose and calling,

What you do with them is the summary of your life here on earth...

Some use up all theirs and return to their Maker beaming with smiles,

Some hide theirs either out of ignorance or selfishness or remain locked up even in an open world.

You may not succeed in everything you do,

Failing sometimes means you are doing something

It shows you weren't idle or standing still

The tiny baby came with gifts and talents

Given to him by God,

His tight fist indicates that he alone can operate or use them...

You have yours...

Search them out and use them wisely,

Don't be envious of others

For each one is born with his talent and gifts in his palms

All that is required is to know yourself, discover your mission

And remain true to yourself...

Have the courage to execute your dreams...

Build a committed and nurturing relationship with yourself...

Do the things you were sent here to do effectively

So when you are done and it is time to meet with your Creator,

You can gladly go with your palms wide open

Indicating to the world that you are leaving with nothing...

While excitedly telling your Maker...

I wisely used them up.

Copyright, Agu, Jaachynma N.E.

Author's Bio: 

Agu, Jaachynma N.E. is a successful, dynamic, prolific and Best-selling author.
She is the Author of Best-Selling Book: The Best Option, available at http://www.amazon.com/The-Best-Option-Jaachynma-Agu/dp/1469183021