From the bestseller “Messages from your Soul” Book 1 in the series Conversations with DZAR

Let us now speak of the space of you understanding your past lives and the aspect of why you do not remember them, why you do not remember who you have been in physical form.
You are complex Beings in so many ways. You have all lived many, many lives and you have experienced many things. These things that you have experienced have become who you are today, they are the current expressions of you, they are as real as the flesh you know to be yours. The expressions of lives past are the expressions of your present life for there is no separation in time or space.

The meaning of your past lives

The memories of your past lives are signposts. They are signposts that you have planted along your journey so that you can revisit them to gain an understanding of how your past experiences have contributed to your expression of Self in this existence. Your reason for understanding them is not to cling to them any more, not to become lost in the pain of past existences, but to understand and to release them so that you can become a fuller expression of your Expanded Being in this and future existences.

In your pasts, many of you have experienced much pain. If you were to reconnect to that pain again from the space of separation from your Being, it could very easily take you to the edge of an abyss that you will not wish to visit. It is one reason why you cannot remember everything that has happened, it is your own self-preservation. That is why when you look back from the space of your connection to your Expanded Being as your guide, it will allow you to see the experiences but it is not necessary for you to feel the disharmony of those experiences, for that does not serve you. You do not need to re-live or re-experience the pain of past existences to gain an understanding of how those experiences have contributed to your expansion or how they have held you back.

The alchemy of the universe

When you are connected to your Being, you can gain awareness of those experiences, accept the role they were intended to play in your spiritual growth and release your attachment to them. When you do this your Being expands, the Energy of those experiences is released back into All That Is and it is transformed into the Energy of compassion and so the universe expands. This is the alchemy of the universe, for it is through your release that all experiences are transformed into an Energetic substance which is more valuable than the gold you prize on your planet.

Many who have gone back to experience past lives have received different answers and we wish you to have awareness of the expression of Self that is asking the question, that is seeking the experience. If you ask the question from a space of separation from your Being, from a space of fear, from a space of wishing to fill an empty space within you with some fantastic story to give your life meaning, then you will more than likely uncover a misguided past experience. Your current limited expression of Self will guide you towards it and it may make an intriguing story. But, Young Ones, it will not contribute to the release and expansion of your Being from these past experiences, for you will still feel your attachment to it, you will still feel connected to the pain or the drama of that story.

Then there is the other way, to ask from the space of the Expanded Being. When you ask from the space of a Being that is already whole, from the space of your own eternal compassion and you move back through your history from that space, you will see and understand more about how you can move forward in this lifetime so that you can be your fullest expression of Self now.

From this space, it matters not who you were in your previous lives. Knowing if you were a great leader or a simple farmer will not serve you moving forward. It matters not who or what you were, what matters are the aspects of Self that were manifested in that life. What matters is how closely you heard the messages from your Soul.

If you were attached to your experiences in those lives, if you took them on and saw your failures and triumphs as you and made them part of your identity, then you will have created the experience of separation from your Being. They will be holding you back in this life as well, for they are creating the separation between your Energetic and your physical Self, they are the expressions of your Constricted Self. You can create separation whether you are a great king or a humble servant, so it is not who you are that matters, that is not what makes you great. What makes you truly great is when you understand and release your experiences in each existence and you become a clearer and stronger expression of the magnificence of All That Is and contribute to the alchemy of the universe.

This is the value of understanding the circumstances of your past existences. With your awareness, you can choose to release any attachment to the experiences from those existences that are holding you back and move forward into a new beginning in this existence. That is the space to explore your past existences, for it will support your growth and connection not just to your own Being, but to all Beings on your planet as you see the sameness that exists in each of you beyond the labels of your identities.

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