If you are just starting your practice, you may feel like you are stuck in a vortex of confusion about your marketing and what comes first. For example, so many clients have asked me, “How can I get out there when I don’t have my website yet? Not having a finished website can keep people from establishing a brand, getting a logo designed, printing up business cards, and more. When everything hinges on a completed and working website, it seems like nothing else can move forward.

But, this is a big fallacy for people and I say this lovingly – it is total nonsense.

“Here is the truth – a website by itself doesn’t fill a business.”

As I have said many times, in the beginning there are only three things you need for Client Attraction:

1. Network to meet lots of people
2. Speak to build awareness of what you do and give people a taste of your expertise
3. Have a “stay-in-touch” marketing vehicle like the warm letter or an ezine

Notice I did not say “website” as one of these three essential marketing elements. Most people hide behind a website instead of getting out there to meet people and add value. At the start of things you don’t even need the ezine. You can hold off a bit while you start building your list.

While a website is a crucial marketing vehicle today, you don’t need that to start. So, don’t allow this to be your excuse not to get out there.

To start, you can print a simple business card. Then focus on networking and speaking, so you can set up those important “get acquainted” calls to close new clients. Then as your practice begins to fill, you can work on your branding which will be used for designing your logo, your website, your business card, and other printed materials.

Business cards are inexpensive so don’t worry about having to reprint them. If you do the networking correctly, you’ll need to reprint them anyway. Branding and websites both continue to evolve as your business grows and matures. This is to be expected and a normal part of the business cycle. I’ve changed my business name and branding several times over the past 12 years.

So, no more procrastinating with client attraction because of your website’s status. Get out and meet some new people and build your practice today.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Do you know what networking events are in your area? Check out the business section of your local paper and search the web as well. Make a list of everything that is available and seems like a good fit for you. Then pick the ones you want to attend first and mark them in your calendar. Be sure to practice your elevator pitch before attending and you will be on your way to attracting clients!

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