When was the last time you achieved a positive result from holding a grudge against another person, especially a family member or someone close to you? Have you ever held a grudge against another person so long that you truly felt satisfied and happy that you did so?

I don’t know of anyone including myself that has ever achieved anything positive that has allowed them to grow as a person in a positive way by holding a grudge. As a matter of fact, the longer you hold a grudge the more difficult it becomes to dig your way out of the negativity that it creates in your life. It only serves to separate you further from the people that you love.

Unfortunately, in our daily lives we always manage to carry a few grudges into our personal baggage of negativity that we carry around with us.

It’s no secret that we live in a complex, rapidly changing and fast paced world. A world filled with information, opposing opinions and mixed messages. As we look to find long term peace and happiness for ourselves and our families, carrying a bag of grudges around only serves to slow down your progress toward the positive goals that you’d like to achieve.

Focus less on holding grudges and focus more on understanding how short life really is and live it like it was your last day. Focus on the value of your family and the importance of a strong family in the life of all of its members.

Break free from the bonds of negativity that slow you down and feel the freedom of releasing the burden of all that weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

Make yourself a promise today to hold hands and not grudges. Be the first person to apologize. Be the first person to listen without saying a word. Be the first person to give a hug without giving a reason.

Don’t put yourself and others you love through another day of personal misery that comes with holding a grudge. Let it all go completely and regain that special bond with those people you love. Be the first to reach out and hold their hand. Be that shining light for all others in your family

Often times in your life, the difference between achieving and not achieving goals is letting go of the baggage of negativity that’s slowing you down. Once you do finally let go of the grudges and negativity you’ll find it much easier to start running in a more positive direction.

With each new day that you’re given comes with it the power to choose. The choice to make a decision to move your life in a more positive direction…a direction that will bring you to live the life you were meant to live. A life filled with purpose, lasting peace and happiness.

For the benefit of yourself and your family, leave your negative baggage at the curb and start running in the direction of the life you were meant to live.

Author's Bio: 

John Charest is the author of hundreds of inspirational quotes on life, family and parenting. Married to his wife for over 20 years and raising three successful teenagers, he shares his inspiration, ideas and strategies for living a fulfilling life and building a strong family through his daily quotes at Daily-Inspirational-Quotes.net