If you choose it, you can have it…

If you choose money, fame, love, you can have it…

Nothing, no one keeps anything away from you…

This is the simple truth.

Will you accept it?

Will you see that NO ONE takes anything from you?

Will you see that you are not prevented from achieving every single thing that you want to achieve?

The only thing in your way is…  You guessed it…  YOU!

You, with all the focus on all the things you do not have yet..

You, with all the fears and self doubts…

You, with all the waiting on the voice from the heavens…

You, You, You.

Me. Me. ME!

Achieving GREAT BIG things, the things that you dream of, the money, the wealth, the impact, EVERYTHING is fairly straightforward and simple…

And then humans get involved…

Yes, you got involved and you made it complicated…

And you are not alone in that.  Oh NO! I have added my fair share of complication to my own life and I still do!

I talk as much to me as I talk to you…

When it comes to the things that you want, you add emotional tension to it.

You tell yourself that you are not able to do it.

You wait for the metaphoric voice from the heavens to tell you to go…

You wait and you wait and YOU WAIT…

And so time ticks along and you tell yourself that you cannot get what you want and you just need to settle for whatever you can get.  And I am speaking to you go-getters as well.

You know that you are coasting…

You have stopped pushing through to the next level because it got tiring…

One day, you woke up and thought that all you could see was nothing but struggle and so you backed off, just a little.

You tried to find a quick, easy way out of the fire and so you stepped into the broad path.

You started making the easier choices…

You stopped looking for the next level.

You looked around and noticed that you were doing more than most people and so you convinced yourself that you could take a break.

You could just chill out…

And honey, if you keep doing that, you GO NOWHERE!

You give up your inheritance, you give up your birthright.

You have to come back and STAY ON the narrow path.

Because every single little thing that you want is found on the narrow path.

The narrow path may take you through the fire at times but it will also lead you out of it and into your promised land.

So, right now, remind yourself about what it is that you want.

Remind yourself about the income goals, the impact goals, the relationship goals, the calling you feel driven in your heart to fulfill.

Remind yourself by writing it down, writing it out. And don’t let it HUGENESS stop you because it is just a case of keeping that outcome firmly in view and taking steps towards it.

Even if it is just one little step today – It is ONE MORE STEP to your freedom.

Will you take that step?

Will you do the very work that makes you feel afraid?

Will you face down the resistance and do what you KNOW to do?

Stop telling yourself that you can’t because you can.

There is nothing stopping you except the fear inside of you.

So just take the next step.

  1. What do you want?
  2. What is the next step?

Keep answering those questions and keep moving forward.

Stop focusing so much on here and now and all the things you do not have yet.

Focus, keep your eyes stuck like flint on what you are creating.

And take the next step.

It is that simple.

And the quicker you take those next steps, the quicker you reach your goal.

So, you determine the outcome and you determine how fast you get there.

Will you take the next step?

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