Shiva is a period of despair in the Jews because it is associated with mourning. Whenever there is a fatality, the near and dear ones of the deceased suffer a shock and go into awful distress. The individual particularly sentimentally bonded to the departed soul like brother, son, daughter, mother, etc is mentally unstable and is in critical necessity of help. In such a scenario, if the distress is spoken of with a lot of individuals, it is surely weakened. Jew society is based on meeting each other and demise is not an exclusion. Sitting Shiva comprises of members of the family to mourn together staying in the residence, remembering the expired person and seeing guests. It must be continued for a week, typically beginning after the interment.

There is an orderly structure for mourning any passing away in the Jew custom. It is formed of three steps. Because of this stepwise arrangement mourners get an experience of a steady resumption from the depression of their loved person’s demise and resume day-to-day life once more. The deceased departs and mourners fall into deep distress who require support which is attained by this step-by-step arrangement wonderfully. This time is named as ‘sitting Shiva’ in which the mourners stay together and sit low. Near and distant relatives, friends and other acquaintances come to meet to express condolence. These visits are known as ‘Shiva calls’.

You also can make a Shiva call to a Judaic family whom you know and who has suffered a loss whether or not you are a Jewish. It is always apt to partake in others’ sadness and it is commended. When you are not capable to visit personally, you have the alternative to send Shiva baskets. Sending flowers to express sympathy is not allowed to in Jew tradition. Hence it is apt to send Shiva baskets. A Shiva basket consists of dishes made using the Judaic religion.

During Shiva there are continuously numerous guests to provide mental support by paying condolence and the dishes contained in the Shiva baskets are useful for the mourners and visitors. And hence these gift baskets are appropriate to send as an expression of your taking part in the family’s grief when you cannot visit personally.

When you perform a Shiva call, you should make an entry in the Shiva house i.e. the home in which mourning is going on, quietly. The tap on the door should be slight and you must not surprise the mourners. You won’t be welcomed; the mourners will not stand up in your honor or see you off. Your purpose should be to give comfort to the mourners. You too should not speak any greeting words. Instead of starting the talk on your own, let the mourners commence the talk first about whatever they intend to. Later you also can open up. It is recommended to speak about the departed soul and you can open up about your memories with the mourners.

You can also perform some chores to help them. As the mourners are in sorrow there are lots of errands which you can complete and your gesture will undoubtedly give them relief. There are laundries, watering of plants, buying some particular objects for the household, making lunch for school-going youngsters and office-goers and lots of other insignificant tasks. You can take up whatever you are capable of to lessen the agony of the mourners. It is respected because it displays that you really are concerned.

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If any such thing is impossible for you because of your inability to pay a Shiva call personally, you can always give Shiva baskets which too will help the mourners.