I once heard a doctor say this statement on TV as she was asking people to exercise, eat well and improve the quality of their life for the New Year: “If you don’t take care of your body…where else are you going to live?”  We all need to repeat this statement over and over again so that it will be absorbed in the mind/body connection of each one of us. 
I believe this is your year to receive what you are hoping to enjoy for your life; however, for that to happen, you must change your thoughts, your beliefs and your attitude about life, the environment t in which you live and your behavior.  We cannot receive all that we desire with the same old thoughts and behavior patterns and we certainly will not receive if we refuse to discipline ourselves, do the work required and make time to meditate or spend time in quiet where the past is behind you and the present and future are directly in the center of your mind’s eye.  To manifest in your life requires your active participation, it requires your creative attention and discipline and it requires you to stay focused on your end goal.  We, each one of us, has the power and the ability to heal our lives and manifest in our lives when we choose to follow the path that is right for each of us, individually.
When I speak of healing our lives, I do not only mean physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  One of the first beliefs that you must accept and believe is that God is inside of you.  We come from the Divine Source and it is through that Divine Intelligence that we are able to manifest, create and heal.
Don’t get tired of living your life with a strong faith and hope that your tomorrow will be better.  We all struggle in life, but I want you to believe that your due season is right in front of you.  Words have power and they have the ability to ignite your potential inside of you.  Your abundance is coming, your healing is coming your new sense of joy and passion are about to stir your life but for that to happen, you have to be disciplined, determined and diligent in taking right action.
God doesn’t pay attention to your fears and doubts but She will absolutely restore your life and show you how to heal your life when you remain positive in all aspects of your life, maintain a healthy attitude and surround yourself with the right people and the right environment.  She wants to give us something else to talk about as we aspire to enjoy our greatest dream that is why He tells us to stay strong in faith and trust. Your faith will get you through all of your darkest moments.  There are blessings stored up for you but you are the one who must stay in expectancy, stay disciplined in all areas of your life and stay focused on what it is you desire to manifest for your life. Say those words all the time to yourself:  “Nothing is impossible with my Creator showing me the way.”  Expect to heal your life, expect to manifest in your life and continue to speak to God because He wants to guide your journey if you will let Her! 

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