I can still remember it--the pain of my first heartbreak. I was quite young then and it took me quite awhile to admit to myself that indeed it was over. You know that feeling of wonder and happiness where the first time you love someone and someone loved you back.

Where you never had your heart broken--yet.

It had all the relationship red flags--the telltale signs; but I was in denial. Of course, I wanted it to work, I mean we all do. The calls became inconsistent, rare, very few and far between--till there was no longer. You can sense the distance (not just the physical distance between you) but he seems distant--even through his messages. He's trying to distance himself to you. That he's deliberately trying to put a wall between you. He says he's busy and he can't find the time.

Which kept me wondering, does not have the time--or does not have the heart? Anyway, cutting the sad story short, it's all over.

And can you recall in your lifetime wherein you were bullied in school? Well, statistics show that almost half of the American population have more or less experienced being bullied in their school life---yes, I experienced that too. The feeling of being inferior and having your self esteem being vanquished by a school Goliath (figuratively speaking, that is).

Whew, what's my point in revealing my past misfortunes with you (what a great timing for an article during Christmas)?

My point is, things happen and we all get hurt and we get to experience things, but we can always let go peacefull, calmly.

Yes, I know it's easier said than done, but that's the way it is.

But you still have to learn how to let go peacefully--at your own time and pace--no pressure here. But it's the way to healing--yes, the process to let go peacefully is always not a smooth one, as it may be marked and stained with tears, denial, hurts, pain, sadness and the long days (and nights) of loneliness. But these marks will become your tattoo of how to survived the storm, the darkest moments in your life.

That you live to tell you come alive.

But as they say, ueseless it is to feel happiness if you never felt sadness or pain. But experience will teach you valuable lessons in life. It can make you stronger--or you succumb to that mistake all over again; but of course, the choice is always yours.

But the good news is, we all can breathe again welcoming a new day when we come into terms with healing and let go peacefully.

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