Yes, of course you can become a healer. What is a healer, anyway? Is a healer an individual who strikes someone in the head, thereby dazing them, displaying “miracle power?” Is a healer a doctor who has studied year after year in medical school? How can you become a healer if these two choices are either unappealing or seemingly inaccessible?

You can do it through daily attention to what you are already doing. All kinds of people are necessary to make the world a balanced and healing place in which to live. Being a healing influence in the world is more than either of the options mentioned above. All kinds of healing is needed. There is a good possibility, since you are exploring this interest, that you already are a healing influence!

Teachers, comedians, dancers, programmers, housekeepers, waiters, truck drivers – anyone can be healing influences. Many of them already are. A healing influence is that which improves upon the surrounding environment. Many entertainers, by bringing their inner light and observations to the public, are strong healing influences. They make us laugh, cry, sing, and feel with them.

Healing has more to do with how you do things than what it is that you are doing. Maybe you have noticed a janitor who seems not only to mop the floor but also to brighten the very air. Certainly that is a strong healing influence!

It is important to do what we do with love and light. It can be even more important to appreciate the work of others. If we are to become healers, we must recognize healing abilities and influences in the smallest of factors. Respecting all others for their own unique healing influences, on a daily basis, is a good way to build our own healing energy. It is certainly a happier way to live, and promotes an attitude of gratitude.

There are healers and healing influences all around us every day. Some work through us; some work around us; some work in spite of us. Let us make sure that we enhance all the healing influences, rather than diminish any of them in any way. Removing negativity from our own hearts, minds, and actions will be beneficial for us as well as others. We must be strong before we can lend strength.

Naturally, this involves daily attention. Do your best at your chosen profession or daily activity. Accept that we all can perpetuate healing when we continue to release negativity and accept positivity. Most of all, enjoy your path of learning and growth!

May you receive the best of understanding along your path. Stay strong!

Miracles and Blessings,

T. Renee Richardson,

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Born with 3rd eye open - seeing auras, spirits, energy patterns
DD, Metaphysics
BA, Psychology
Intuitive Reiki Master
Self I-Dentity Through Ho'oponopono

30+ years professional experience providing readings, healings, facilitating workshops, participating in events

Currently provide sessions by appointment, both in-person and phone, workshops, events