This morning, I had one of those moments of clarity that appear like a light being switched on after years of creeping around in the dark.  It was instantaneous and it was on a subject that I thought I had conquered previously but I now realise there was even a deeper level to it.

And it is the concept that I had to be weak, to tone myself down, to do less so that God could look powerful, strong etc.

The concept that something I did, would take something away from or add to who God was.

I wrote this sentence in my journal – “I am high energy, high vibe, I leave my doubts, fears in the dust and I prove myself strong”

And as I wrote that last bit, I sensed a little fear bubbling up that God would strike me dead for thinking I could be strong.  I heard the voice of some preacher from long ago screeching that if I was too proud then God would cut me down to prove that ultimately He had the final word…

Those old fears reared their ugly head again.  They had been lurking away in my subconscious pulling my strings, making me play the game of life as a weaker person because I was afraid that if I seemed too strong, God would punish me by taking everything away.

A lot of people think this way.  Maybe, even you do and so you go through your days holding back on playing full out because you think that God will be jealous of you if you get too big for your britches and you might get everything taken away from you.

Does that sound like God/Love?

OR does it sound like fear?

Fear pulling your strings…

Making you smaller…

Making you wait for rescue…

Making you wait for that spiritual magic bullet…

Giving yourself an out…

Because if you think that God has to come swoop in and save you because then you can say it was all by the grace of God and avoid His wrath…

Then you don’t have to do anything and you can tell yourself that you are waiting on the Lord!  And you can then feel all holy and spiritual when really, you are just being weak.

Sorry, gotta be blunt to get through to you.

God is the great ‘I AM THAT I AM”

Nothing you do will take from Him or give to Him but it will to YOU!

Your vision is huge!

Huger than anyone else’s around you…

And so it is tempting to play the small game and make it sound holy.

Because when you really look at what you want out of life, it seems too big for you!

And so you find reasons to stand still and live like a norm.

Stop that!

Stop playing small!

Take off your limits!

Take off any permission you have given yourself to not engage fully with life!

It is not your God/Spirit/HIgher power/Source/Universe holding you back.

It is simply fear.

And you don’t have to keep obeying fear!

Your vision is your permission.

If you want it, you can go get it with every fibre in your being!

You are created more powerfully than you realise!

And you do not have to hold back to prove God strong!


You are created limitless!

And that will bring true glory to God to see you being the powerful mofo you are created to be…

Aware that you are created in the image of the Divine, choosing to be Divine as you go about your daily activities.

Some may call you proud but the chances are they wish they could be as released as you to do the things that you do – Don’t listen or worry about that.  PROVE YOURSELF STRONG!

Go after your vision powerfully!

Make it happen!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!

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