At some point in your career as an employee or a business owner, you're required to write something. Whether it be the endless stream of e-mails that come into and out of your computer, the proposal, or the occasional, old-fashioned letter, your words need to convey the meaning you intend. You become your words; make sure it's the you that you want people to see.

Here's what you can do to make your words count:

1. Read. If you're writing proposals, study those done by the experts. If you're crafting marketing materials, scrutinize the award winners. What can you learn?

2. Refer to writing books. If your issue is grammar, find a great grammar reference. If your issue is style, grab a style resource book.

3. Practice writing. Keep a journal, start a blog, join a writer's group, or subscribe to a writing prompt series. Just as with any skill, if you don't practice it, you won't master it. Exercise and build up your writing muscles.

4. Get support. Work with a writing coach or someone whose writing you admire.

5. Take a program through your local college or university or one online.

6. Study writing all around you, from signs to newspaper articles. Are they effective? Why or why not? How would you do it differently?

7. Understand that writing is a three-part process, minimum. One part is brainstorming and idea generating. The second is the actual writing. The final part is editing and revising. People try to cram all three processes into one writing session, and their writing comes out as unpolished, unrefined, and unclear.

The most important step you can take toward writing effectively is simply to start writing. Once you learn to overcome fear, procrastination, and lack of inspiration, you will have conquered the biggest obstacles you'll face as a writer.

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Dawn Shuler, Content Creator Extraordinaire, helps entrepreneurs and authors convey their deep message into compelling words, whether it's marketing material or a book, as well as to create powerful content to increase their credibility, visibility, and profitability. Her soul purpose is to help entrepreneurs unleash their authentic selves into their businesses through their content. She created the Writing From Your Soul system to help business owners connect more powerfully, reach more people, and make a difference. Download the free, 13-step system at