If you wish to achieve abundance necessary to keep your energy clean, you need to keep balance in your chakras.

The radiated energy determines the quality of the results.

How can you enjoy pleasant experiences and create angelic abundance in your life if your energy field is dirty with negativity?

A quality power is required from within.

The aura embracing your body and the chakras store pieces of your events, thoughts, feelings, energies.

The like attracts the like.

What you emit from yourself, the universe reflects back to you.

If your thoughts, words, actions reflect deficit, loss of sensation,

victimhood, low vibration frequency, the energy that you emit will transmit this so that the universe cannot guarantee you anything more than these feelings, thoughts, and energy.

This energy will not attract abundance. It will allow diseases to enter an extraordinary way of life.

The angels say that the ability to create abundance is highly dependent on the energy vibration of the quality of our words; the beliefs that we develop about money, material possessions, and wealth.

The energy is a storage system of information, of which the stock includes everything imprinted, like the subconscious.

That is, in and out, the flow never conflicts.

In this life, the material life happens in the event of the background story which can be found in our subconscious and energy system.

When you begin to trace the dominant thoughts,

when you create your own description of abundance and form belief about it, you take a huge step forward on the path of abundance.

However, this is not all.

Not only your words and thoughts but also all your chakras need cleaning from the dirt that has clung to them over the years.

I think that one of the greatest blessings in our lives is the ability to consciously change, which, although it requires perseverance and consistency, will produce a result that will never lag behind.

How can we purify our thoughts, feelings, beliefs from negativity? How can overwrite our fears? How can we increase the quality of our energies in order to connect with the flow of abundance?

"The universe provides everything for you. Everything necessary to live happy and fulfilling lives.

It will give you all the sounds and gestures that direct attention to prosperity.

The Universe invites you to dance with the abundance which ensures the flow and the corresponding occurrence of miracles in your life.

The key is still in you.

It is the key which allows you the conscious recognition of this amazing fact.

The vision begins in the heart. What you are hiding in your heart, the balance of love or fear is reflected in everything you see.

If you like the universe and honor the all-encompassing abundance, notice the signs - you'll be able to flow along in wellbeing. If, however, your actions, thoughts, words are based on fear, you will be unable to swim freely with the flow.

For as long as you trade your feelings based on fear/deficits you will experience this as power quality results.

The key is in your hands at all times.

Do you choose love or fear?"

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy certified PLR Hypnotist, LOA coach, 1 # International Bestselling Author, Certified-in-Indigo-Studies, Indigo Card Reader. Author of How To Teach the Universal Laws To Children International Best Selling Book. In her work, she helps people to change their lives and manifest their dreams. Theresia coach female, young people to discover and find their passion, develop individuality. Her main aim is to teach people how to use their creative energy and the Universal Laws, Angel Guidance to complete their Life.

Theresia's aim to teach the people how to manifest their dreams and how to use the Universal Law in their Life.