The only true “boss” of your reality is you.

Regardless of whether you own a business, or if you've worked at the same job for seven years - you're still the CEO of your own reality.

You can temporarily “give up control” of your choices, but you can never give up responsibility for choosing to do so.

To put it another way; you're choosing to choose to have someone else choose for you (say that five times fast ;) ).

And while you can temporarily relieve yourself of having to make tough choices by “handing the reins” off to a boss or a manager, you can never escape the responsibility of what results from doing so.

Since you can never escape responsibility for your choices (even when you're choosing to choose to have someone else make choices for you), choosing to become progressively more conscious of how you're currently utilizing (or ignoring) your personal power is a highly intelligent (and uncommon) choice to make.

What follows is an alternative spin on assessing behaviors that you're already engaged in...but have more control over than you may have been lead to believe!

Who's In Control?

Think of a chain of dominos for a moment.

Regardless of how elaborate the design and pattern may be, once you push that first domino, the last one may as well have already fallen. It's inevitable.

When you attempt to give up responsibility of choice to someone else, you're giving them the power to push that first domino, leaving you pick up the mess that results after the last one has fallen.

The entire chain of cause and effect begins and ends with you.

You've just been conditioned to adopt the perspective that success and happiness is synonymous with someone else setting up and knocking over your own dominos.

When you get up in the morning, do you ask someone's permission for what you'd like to eat for breakfast?

Do you ask someone's permission on how you'll dress yourself for the day?

Do you decide these things, or does external pressure influence and compromise the “real” choices you'd “like to be” making?

Have you ever stopped for a moment and consciously questioned why you do this?

You're Already Self-"Employed"

“Like it or not, you are self-employed. If you produce output and get paid for it, you’ve got a business. You are no more or less an entrepreneur than any established business owner.” -Steve Pavlina

You are the owner of the unique company that is “you”, and you're constantly “selling” yourself to “customers”.

In the career sense, your company only sells to one customer; you call this customer your boss.

He/she purchases your services and pays you for the job that you perform. For example, you might specialize in data processing, answering phones, sweeping floors, or stocking shelves.

The only difference between someone who sells their time to one customer (a boss/job) and an entrepreneur (sells to many customers, and is the boss) is a conditioning of perception.

The employee mindset carries over and taints just about every single other aspect of our individuality; it's a hook that's cast deep into our psyche and emotional centers.

However, this isn't just about traditional employment versus self-employment; these are just very convenient and accurate examples that most people can relate to.

The idea is to get you thinking about the other areas in your life where you might unconsciously be “giving away” your power of choice.

Your consciousness experience is a holistic one, and the belief that you can compartmentalize your personality is exactly why you experience so much incongruency across the various areas of your life.

It's time to tighten up "the business" (your beliefs), and patch those leaks!

You're Already Free

...You've just been conditioned on HOW to think about, view, and use your freedom.

Like I've mentioned previously, we're conditioned to think and perceive success as being synonymous with having a boss and a stable career. Like with most conditioning, the truth is often the exact opposite.

If you were a company, and you decided to pursue and sell to just one single customer, what happens when that customer doesn't want your product or service anymore? You go out of business.

Take this example and apply it to how people chase jobs (selling themselves to one customer) and put all their eggs into one basket, then get upset when the unstable conditions they've consent to backfire on them. You could get fired tomorrow through no fault of your own.

However, if you're selling to several dozen customers, if one decides to stop buying, it essentially has zero impact on you.

Again, don't just think of this strictly in a job/career sense, but in how we apply this exact same behavior to all other areas of our lives.

Do you put certain people on a pedestal at the expense of others? What will happen if those prioritized people end up leaving your life, or decide they're done having a relationship with you?

Where are you investing your energy...?

Ask Yourself The Following Questions:
How Do You Manage Your Assets?

Skills: your unique skill set is an asset. What you can provide to others makes you valuable to them, and they'll want to do business with you - both in the career sense, and the general life sense.

Actions: this isn't just about jobs and careers though; think about how you "sell yourself" within your social circle.

Thoughts: are you proud of your skills and talents, or do you hide them out of fear of being ostracized or rejected?

Emotions: are you giving other people the authoritative keys to your happiness?

How Are You Investing Your Time?

How conscious are you of how you're currently spending your time?

Do you partition your day into “work hours” and “play hours”, often sleepwalking through the former just to make it to the latter?

Do you daydream about spending time in front of your TV or Xbox while at your desk all day?

How Are You Investing Your Energy?

Are you eating low-quality food?

Are your sleep patterns chaotic due to “binge living”?

Is most of your present focus being spent “keeping yourself in line” so that you can tolerate your current circumstances?

Do you find yourself engaging in activities just so you can “forget” about your current lifestyle?

Are you simply shadow boxing “problems” that wouldn't even exist if you had consciously chosen otherwise?

You Can Never Escape Responsibility

When you ignore your intuitive impulse and instead choose to adopt the “selling to one customer” model, you're inevitably going to feel the equal and opposite impulse of escapism creeping in.

Escapism is a natural result of you actively resisting your intuitive guidance toward something more fulfilling.

It's not the Xbox you want; it's the thing that will make you not care about Xbox anymore.

There's something that deep down you know you want to be doing, and it's this very activity that will make all other “pass times” obsolete.

At present, you're just not conscious enough of how your conditioning is unnecessarily filtering and limiting your experiences. The entire purpose of becoming progressively more conscious is to peel away these layers and recognize the true power that's already within you, waiting to be acknowledged and applied.

To do so then catalyzes you into a domain of growth and experience that most people are oblivious to.

Don't be most people ;)

Author's Bio: 

Jason Demakis is a psychology & philosophy-based personal development writer, certified personal fitness trainer, and nutritional consultant. With a focus on prioritizing conscious decision making and behavior, Jason strives to motivate and inspire others to achieve their true potential and fulfillment. You can find more of Jason's writing via his personal website,