You are remarkable! You are extraordinary and unique; your business identity must demonstrate your distinction - at all touch points of your business. Let Your brand illustrate just how worthy of attention you are. Learn how to create your personal brand and craft your bio for the success of your business.

You are 8 Answers Closer to Creating Your Brand

Who is the authentic self. Think about who you really are, not the woman that others perceive you to be but the one who is true to your intrinsic self. What is your fundamental truth? What moral code do you hold as your standard? Take a look at your belief system, what does it say about who you are? What morals influence your choices, conduct and behavior. This is your foundation for which your personality lies. Make a list of all the qualities and features that make up your distinctive character - the authentic you.

What is your purpose and vision? Think about for a moment your town, state, country and now the world. Sit in silence and meditate and listen to what the universe relates to you. Is there a problem you would like to solve? Is there a need that you can fill? Is there a disenfranchised group of people that you would like to serve? What do you have to offer that would make your town, your state, your country and the world a better place? Note: your purpose is comes from within and it defines the role you play in realizing your vision.

What is you passion? Think about how your values impact your energy. Your authentic self directly influences your passion. If you are not sure about what brings you intense desire then think about for a moment what doesn't. Whenever, I am not certain about what is - I begin the clarity process by identifying what isn't. This almost always works for clearing my mind. Reflect for a moment, the last few times you had a task before you and you were disgusted by the notion of completing them. What chores do you dislike, a lot. What areas of your business do you procrastinate about dealing with?

Now, conversely think about the chores that you don't mind doing or even enjoy. What tasks are particularly easy for you and you can complete without any hardship. Are there any duties that you perform with satisfaction and pride? Do you have any hobbies or extra-curriculum activities that are a particular source of enjoyment? Make a list of all the things that you do that energize and excite you. What of those would you do for free, if you had no concerns for financial security.

How do you describe the attributes that contribute to your brand? What are your inherent features? Make a list of your characteristics that make up your identity? What are you known for? Name ten adjectives that define your personality and note how they are beneficial to your business.

What are your core strengths? What is the central part of your being? Do you know the foundation of your strengths? Make a list of your defining capabilities and again partner them with parts of your business that would benefit from those traits.

Who is you target market? Who is your audience? What is your area of expertise? Who benefits most from that specialized skill? Think for a moment about your reputation, what do you want to be known for? Once you answer these questions you will have a clear vision of your target market. Everything decision, act and business move should be rooted in what is best for your target audience. It doesn't matter if your target audience are your employees or your children - you must use keywords or whatever you can to grab and maintain their attention to get your message across.

Name your competition, think about what makes you extraordinary? You should always research and learn who your competitors are, what they do, how they do it and how you can do it better. Make a list of who else is vying for your target audience's attention. You have to ensure that you position yourself in front of your target market and always make yourself outstanding. Do what you can do to bring to the table something that no one else does. Unique, precise and extraordinary = ultimate success.

What is your personal brand affirmation? Put your journal away for a bit. Stretch, take a brisk walk or a bubble bath. Sit with in silence and meditate for a while. Once you have relaxed and have a clear mind, grab your journal and review your answers to the seven questions above. Write your personal brand statement. Write a brief description of your value. Describe who you are (your authentic self); what you do; for whom; what makes you unique and what makes you remarkable.

The time that you invest in this exercise will be most beneficial for you personally, professionally and for your business. Embrace the process of being authentic as this is the foundation of establishing your personal brand. As you answer the aforementioned questions, you will gain clarity about who you really are. Without clarity about your authentic self it will be challenging to communicate your brand to your customers or employees. Now that you are confident about who you are; what you stand for; what drives you and what your strengths are - you & your business will undoubtedly prosper because you now completely know why your are remarkable!

In joy, passion, prosperity & sisterhood,

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