Depression! You might have heard of it. A constant feeling of sadness and despair – the sadness beyond understanding. There are many people around the world that are suffering from depression; more than what we can imagine. Some of them get diagnosed and treated, while a few remain hidden under the clouds of loneliness, away from the world, struggling all alone with the situation. If you are reading this and you or some of your loved one is depressed, I just want to say one thing, you are not alone!

One of the main reasons why many people keep suffering from depression within them is that they aren't able to ask for help, because they don't think that they need help. Yes, this sounds crazy, but this is what depression does to people! They aren't even able to ask for help, which in itself is a symptom of depression. Another major reason why people with depression aren't able to get help is that even people don't understand depression and don't consider it as a mental health problem.

Many times, depression is mistaken for common sadness, but it is much more than that. Common sadness goes away after a good day, some party or when you just spend quality time with your loved ones. however, in case of depression, the sadness gradually eats you from inside – you aren't able to feel happy anyway and nothing feels interesting to you; not even the things that once used to excite you. To be precise, depression makes you empty you from inside.

Well, depression doesn’t mean the end of life and there is always a possibility to lead a better life by overcoming depression. Here is how you can help yourself or someone suffering from depression:

1. Look for Signs of Depression in the Right Place

The scariest thing about depression is that it doesn't have a face. Unlike other conditions, you can't really look at someone's face or their body to identify that they are suffering from depression and this is the exact reason why many people never feel like getting help. Also, it is not necessary that a depressed person will look like an epitome of sadness as sometimes, you may find them smiling without even realizing what they are going through.

Probably, you would never come to know whether they are depressed just by observing them superficially. It is important to notice their behaviour, i.e., most of the time, depressed people exhibit antisocial behaviour, and avoid being at public places and social interaction, such as going out for a movie or attending parties.

Moreover, they might behave normally at times, but always try to cover up their sadness and don’t feel like discussing issues with others. In such cases, you have to look in what they read or write, what kind of music they listen to and even some common words that they speak as these things might be helping them in sabotaging their sadness.

Only if you look at the right places, you can understand whether someone is suffering from depression or not and offer them the right help they need!

2. Don't Talk Straight

If you want to help someone with depression, directly going to them and saying, 'Hey mate, you look sad, is everything okay?!' won't work. No matter how many times you ask a depressed person, they are always going to say ‘yes’ because certainly they are stuck in their own mind and really don’t want to annoy others with their sadness. Yes, this is exactly what depression does to a person.

The best way to begin a conversation with a depressed person is to never talk about their sadness, even if they look weak or pale. Talk about something they usually like doing. If they like to sit alone, just sit with them until they start feeling comfortable about your presence.

If they like to read, talk to them about books if they like watching movies, talk about movies. All in all, try making them feel comfortable and earn their trust by walking through the walls that depression has built around them. Be a friend to them and communicate with them until they actually start talking about their problems.

Talking is the best way to get out of depression and the right help can save an innocent life!

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3. Mind Your Words

Well, this is the most important thing to take care of if you want to help someone with depression. Not just for help, this is important even in everyday life because what people don't realize is that their words aren't just a combination of some letters coming out of their mouth, but they do have a meaning. Some words can hurt people's emotions, while for others, such words won’t make any difference.

It is important to understand emotions and make sure that the things you utter won't hurt anyone. If you want to help someone depressed, you need to talk carefully with them because their minds are very vulnerable. Things you say can deeply affect the life of such a person. So, if you keep this in mind and try to be kind to everyone, you'll eventually notice things getting better and the person you want to help will develop his/her trust in you. And, this is how you can help them in coming out of the pit of depression.

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If you or someone around you is suffering from depression, don't let them suffer. There are many helpline numbers that can bring you the necessary help.

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