A weekend filled with working, whittling away at the never ending ‘To Do’ and Cam Newton (again!) not necessarily in that order either. And, okay, yes, the Jets! Hey! Sounds just like last weekend. Except my Aunt Mary died and so did my friend Rob, a great guy married to one of my best friend’s sisters, Lisa. Got me thinking, alot, about death. Not just the usual ‘stuff’ either. I have learned in past that we must do everything humanly (pun intended) possible while alive to transform our bodies into light before our deaths. I won’t go much further than this because this is definitely much more complicated that a blog post can comment on. But I will say this, in all efforts to think about how I could further our own efforts at becoming blessed light beings I did stop and think of offering advice on an ancient method of Shamanic meditation called ‘Sun Gazing.’ This technique/exercise does require some amount of coaching though and is fraught with rules and regulations that must be required reading (and followed) in order to not only get best benefit but also to avoid any incidence that could create problems along the gazer’s way. That said, the real results from this sort of meditation have been recorded through the ages and are sometimes simply stunning. The crux is that you are to ‘gaze’ (look beyond and NEVER directly at the sun) either an hour before sunrise or an hour before it sets. As you gaze you are to breathe in the sun’s light so that if fills your body. You start by doing this a scant ten seconds and then gradually increase your efforts until you reach the 44 minute mark. Again, I am not really doing this justice because I am definitely not advocating this exercise unless or until you have been instructed by a legit teacher. Those same teachers will tell you that you can commune with the spirit behind/around/inside the sun and that this will, in time, become a two way affair. You can even ask the sun to help you to manifest hopes, dreams and/or desires. And, so say the Shamans, the sun will illuminate pathways to possibility just for you. So if you are interested in dispelling the darkness from within you might want to explore finding a teacher in your area who is proficient at Sun Gazing.

For all the rest of us, well, I’m much more comfortable offering an ages old Russian method of using sunlight to brighten our beings that won’t potentially present problems with our eyes. Called ‘The Breath of Life’ this meditation was developed by Russian P. K. Ivanov, a proponent and leader of a healthy living movement.

Go outside and stretch your head gently upwards and look at the sky. Open your mouth and slowly inhale through your NOSE only. NOSE only. Imagine that you are drawing in Chi or energy from the sky/sun above. At the natural end of the inhale, instead of exhaling, SWALLOW the air. As you swallow visualize your body being filled with golden sunlight that spreads throughout. Make your body a being of LIGHT. Now exhale through your nose and repeat from the beginning for two more cycles or a total of three. This is believed to not only strengthen the electrical body surrounding your physical one but can also hel you moderate your food intake. Wha? Can make you a light being and make your being lighter as well? Well that’s my kind of SPF (Super Perfect and Fabulous!) Go ahead make your day a little brighter even if you find this a little hard to swallow. Once you practice for any amount of time our SPF will have it all over Snookie’s GTL. Although I do have a load in the dryer right now and was going to try and get to the gym……..I’ll still take our sunny Situation over theirs anytime! And speaking of the Jersey Shore….God rest and bless your soul Rob Eyerkuss and may He watch over your wife and sons at this sad time! Rest in peace Rob! XOE

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Ellen Whitehurst is a Lifestylist and Ultimate Health and Wellness expert as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY (Random House, 2008.) Ellen is recognized as the country’s premier expert in Feng Shui and other empowering modalities. A former monthly columnist for both ‘Redbook’ and ‘Seventeen’ magazines, Ellen is also a recurrent contributor to The Huffington Post and John Edward’s InfiniteQuest.com among others.

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