Stop looking around!

Stop comparing!

Stop thinking everyone else is better than you!

the word you are really looking for is ‘DIFFERENT!’

Everyone is different from you – NOT BETTER!

You are a category of one and there is no one, NO ONE like you!

And if you would finally own that, really OWN IT, then you would figure out how to win.

You don’t have to be sexier than someone else – How do you even measure that?

You don’t have to be more handsome or beautiful than someone else – Again, what is the measure?

You don’t have to have more connections or the exact same connections as someone else…

You don’t have to do livestreams and videos and write blogs in the exact same way as someone else…

It does not matter how long or short your things are…

It just matters that you show up and you do you!

You do you so much that no one can ignore you!

And then you will find your people!

It may take a long time

It may happen instantly

You will never know though whilst you are busy trying to be in someone else’s category!

It is time you left a dent, YOUR DENT on the planet simply because you want to!

And you want all the fame and fortune that comes from being yourself so boldly that no one can ignore you!

Of course, you had better have something to sell

You can have the fame and still be broke!

If you want the fame AND the fortune, figure out what you want to sell and don’t be shy about selling it!

But stop with the looking and comparing and finding yourself wanting!

Stop with that!


There is literally no one like you when you are showing up and doing you boldly.

Yes, I get that you are uncertain – EVERYONE IS!

We just show up anyway!

That uncertainty is not unusual – In fact, you will be paid the big bucks because though you feel uncertain and unsure at times, you don’t let it fucking stop you!

You just show up and be that category of one anyway!

Lots of people are just floating through the planet…

From birth to death, nothing changed because they were here…

They tried too hard to be what everyone wanted them to be and they succeeded in blending in, being the same, leaving no mark that they were ever here – Forgettable…


So stop looking at all of them, thinking that they look so content and happy – They are not – they are simply dead inside!

And also stop looking at all the ones that are leaving a dent as well.

You are not them!


What is your thing?!

Figure it out! FAST!

Do it boldly

Leave your dent

Be a category of one

Start now

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online