“How can I get past these obstacles?”

“How can I deal with these difficult situations?”

These and many similar questions I often get from clients and it’s true with most people that they see a multitude of obstacles and hindrances when movig on with their lives.

It often leads to inactivity for a long time or even giving up.

There are few simple steps to deal with this, but they are very demanding as they don’t work unless you have a clear focus on what to do and the selfdicipline of not waisting your time with things that do not matter.

You are all you need to deal with in life and your only hindrances are:

1. Your fears
When we aim at our goals our mind quickly counts up all the problems we might face and thereby creating fear.
Fear often comes out of not knowing, of overrating the obstacle, of undermining one’s own abilities.
Start by giving the mind a rest, try not to rumage over the situaton ahead. If you worry about the worst scenario and it’s effects, half the effect and then again and again until the worst thing that can happen is like getting sprayed from a waterpistol (visualize it! You’ll be amazed how funny it is and relesing from your fear!).
Empower yourself by viualizing that you are doing this thing you fear and you are giving the best performance you aim for. So you are setting the stage for the situation ahead and you become calmer, more composed and in control when it arrives.
2. Your prejudices
We have prejudices both against ourselves, others or even situations we are in. Limiting ourselves as we look through the prejudice spectacles and diminish possibilities in situations, or feel we don’t know what to do as people “do not understand”, “are not interested”, “do not share our views” etc.
Sometimes we need to give our brain a rest and just allow the flow to take over and do what comes to our heart.

You never know, but you might be saying what the audience has been waiting for and never deared to mention. Even maybe as you “come from elsewhere” it’s easier to hear it from you and it will not ripple the unity whithin that group.

It’s always good to remember that we are never greater nor mightier than the next person and the only one that can hurt us is ourselves.

We lead ourselves to where we are at in life.

Certain things we have done with ambition rather than foresight, but then we started to use our insight.

If we search for our own development let’s remember that good things happen slowly.

Remember to keep good things in mind.

Author's Bio: 

Agustina Thorgilsson, an expert in industrial psychology, began her career in 1979 as a consultant for internal affairs, communication and human resources development (HRD) with AB Volvo in Sweden. In 1988 she became the director for the Institute of Management Training, a division set up by the Ministry of Finance servicing all of Iceland’s public sector. She later founded a management training company that advised both public and private sectors on strategy, management and HRD issues, before completing a Masters degree in clinical psychology which led to the founding of Life-Navigation in 2005. From 2008 she held a teaching assignment at the Champagne School of Management in France for three years. In 2009 GWIIN gave her a Special Recognition Award for Innovative Achievements at the European Women Inventors and Innovators Conference, Helsinki, Finland. In 2010 Agustina hosted her own radio show on the VoiceAmerica™ and World Talk Radio™ Networks. Agustina’s vision is to help making the world a better place by showing people how to transcend even the most difficult life-experiences individuals can possibly encounter and move towards peace as a race. Having herself survived several excruciating life lessons she realized that she had come on top in spite of all odds. She had learned to use her intuition, insights and little used old knowledge known to man. By tapping into this endless reservoir of information and understanding clinical psychology, the evolution of the Life-Navigation System began. Agustina’s successes have shown that Life-Navigation makes an enormous difference.