I have been hearing many sayings like, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” or “you are the company you keep”. But the one saying I always ponder on is, “surround yourself with successful people ‘coz that is how you will become successful”.

Here in Truly Rich Club we always focus on achieving success, the best way to reach your goals, how to accomplish more. However, few is aware that our outcome, whether successful or not, largely depends on the people we hang out with. Jim Rohn quotes, “you are the average of the five people you spend time with.” This surprised me; average? I definitely wouldn't want to be just average.
If you wish to be amazing, then have amazing people. There are 3 important people I suggest you you must surround yourself with.

1. An older successful person whom you can learn from
When you know a person whose records for success are remarkable, keep him beside you. Go out with him and know his techniques. Truly successful persons are eager to impart and share their knowledge, always thinking what good they can do each day. Learn from them and value every moment spent.

2. A peer or counterpart whom you can exchange ideas with
Interact with people of the exact same age range or in your level. You’ll learn that it is quite interesting how other people’s views of life vary from one friend to a different one and exactly how they plan their life to be successful. When you exchange ideas you also learn from them. They may also become your guide or your check-in-balance in which the other side of the story can be viewed.

3. A younger person you can train and will keep you motivated to learn more
It is quite needed that you find a person below you whom you can interact and train. He'll be your motivation to discover more and gather information to impart. You will understand that when you're on top of your career, individuals will cling to for advises. But remember the fact that if you share whatever you have gained or learned, you will fade in this world with no legacy and be forgotten. Your success will no longer be remembered.

There are individuals who are very negativistic and cannot see the good side of a situation. Shun from them for they will likely only give you trouble and eventually drag you down. Keep friends who will be there to always lift you higher and will help you live the life you really want. Be a great person and maintain a great company beside you.

While at it, observe the “laws of life”.

-Be truthful and transparent
-Persevere and be reliable
-Always be enthusiastic
-Be humble
-Show genuine concern for others
-Continuously learn from others

Don’t be scared to lose some friends if they're the kind that will draw you down. Make yourself strong and embrace success by embracing the correct people. Don’t be contented in what you have being an average person. Immerse with the best.

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