The following are simple but very important tips you need to live up to your true value, and be a big-shot. Please, read on!

You have the good life. You have greater grace for greatness. You are created in the image and likeness of God. God makes advancement and touches lives through you.

Do good to all, love the gentleman in the line of traffic as God loves you. Be a leading light, a person of prominence and be on top of things. Be at peace with all men. You are full of grace to let go any wrong done to you by another.

Be in love with someone and be kind to all. You do not see love as appetizer but as a masterpiece for the masters. Put on love as you wear your most beautiful and expensive apparel.

You are blessed to be a blessing in all occasions! You achieve success at all times.You have favorable occasions to effect favorable influence without any limitation. You have the life of God in you and you do good things with money. You have a heart and attitude of giving; do someone the world of good.

Remain true to life, set yourself apart and love endlessly. Have fervent love for all, be modest and perfect God`s love that is in you. No matter what you see with your eyes or hear with your ears, love with God`s love in all instances.

Do good to all men especially to them who are of the same household of faith. Go in quest of peace and go in pursuit of it. Conquer all with love and let the world go round.

You are not ordinary; think the right way and step into supernatural abundance you were born into. Trust in God and believe in yourself. Speak positive words, speak words of prosperity and believe you are a success. Speak language of greatness and live a higher life.

You establish businesses because you know, God blesses it. You know relationships are more much more priceless than cash; love everyone, including your contenders and do everything in love.

Be in love with God! Be a superior living being who does excellent things, feel affection for others. Do not delay; celebrate your uniqueness and be the man that controls whole nations.

I want you to write your name on a glass with a golden pen and become a widely known and popularly esteemed person whose name is of indicative worth that inspires others to aspire and not to expire. All things are yours, take all that belongs to you. Live in the fullness of your prosperity and live the good life.

Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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