Yoomi is a fantastic pioneering self-heating baby bottle. Exclusively available to buy wholesale via Baby Brands Direct as Yoomi Distributors, it is one of the most exciting developments in the baby feeding segment.

It is not often that you get the unique opportunity to be the first retailer in your channel to stock a brand new market entrant. But that is just the chance you get with Yoomi wholesale. A market scan reveals that Baby Brands Direct offers you competitive advantage by bringing the most innovative and international brands to the baby goods wholesale space in the United Kingdom. This allows you to replicate that leading edge in your own retail baby goods outlet. You can differentiate yourself and attract an increased amount of traffic through your shop.

A new opportunity to be the number one point of contact for your customers can now be found as you distinguish yourself as a Yoomi Distributor. Yoomi is the ground-breaking self-warming bottle conceived by a mum and dad team who became increasingly frustrated with the inability of restaurants and other outlets to provide hot water when out and about, and the difficulty of stumbling around in the middle of the night to hear water when at home. Inventive parents Farah and Jim Shaikh are the new face of baby product manufacturers and have now positioned the Yoomi Wholesaler in Britain.

This couple used their inspiration and engineering skills, sought advice from experts, and looked for help from other parents, and created the Yoomi system. This all makes for an understanding and supportive product range. The ideal behind Yoomi is to make the transition from breast to bottle as painless as possible for both parent and baby, whether out and about or at home.

The Yoomi system centres on the smart warming unit which warms the feed to exactly the temperature of breast milk. This means that not only is baby reassured by the familiar feel of the milk, but that nutrients otherwise killed by heat treatment are preserved.

The warmer cleverly warms liquids in just one minute. It is completely portable, being unencumbered by neither plug nor batteries nor flasks. It is rechargeable up to one hundred times and yields milk at a perfect temperature time after time to make your customer’s lives that much easier. In addition, it is great to be able to reassure your customers that it is 100% BPA-free.

Another great selling point of Yoomi is that the entire range of bottles, teats and warmers are completely interchangeable. In addition, the Yoomi teats are the only ones which radiate a soft warmth, which makes Yoomi unique in its ability to introduce a first bottle to breastfed babies.

Retail units are available in a comprehensive 8oz bottle and warmer with medium teat pack. In support of the key product are both slow and medium teats, 5oz and 8oz bottles, twin teat packs with three flow rates, and the Yoomi warmer available for resale separately.

The products are extremely easy to use, recharge and clean. Their ergonomic design allows a completely comfortable grip. The naturally shaped teat continues to make the transition easy for baby and parents with straightforward latch-on. The six-vent anti-colic system completes the painless picture.

Jim Shaikh, now the MD of yoomi said "We are really pleased to be working with Baby Brands Direct as our exclusive supplier into the UK independent market. We have been impressed by Baby Brands Direct’s experience, reputation and excellent customer service and look forward to working together to introduce, yoomi, the next evolution in bottle feeding to the independent sector and so to mums and dads in the UK."

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