Yoga has become a very famous word nowadays, it is amazing how people look for Yoga to make it part of their daily lives. No matter where are you from, if you want to use yoga for stress or not, where do you actually live, what your personal life conditions are, or your religion, creed or personal faith, its results can be noticed immediately as long as instructions are followed as it should be, it is up to you, to your sincerity and constancy, it works with you, using one sole and only element: You and only You.

The basis of Yoga lies on one main interesting fact: Our very own true nature, which is Love, Truth, Harmony and Peace, say, we are born to win, we have all elements and potential to achieve happiness, to have a healthy body and mind, a wealthy life and an overall sense of well being and inner self realization, the problem is we need to deviate our senses which are always focused on external stimulus to our own inner self for once in our lives, that can be done through a guided and systematic process or in the best sense through a guided and proper training. Purpose of Yoga Philosophy is, through their practical teachings, to bring manhood the fullness of Life by focusing in different aspects such as our body, mind, intellect, emotions, ego and soul conforming different strategies for each one of those levels

Our body is the most tangible and gross element to start our self improvement process, Yoga says that starting with a proper diet based on pure foods intakes, proper body cleansing through naturalist and homeopathic ways we will align our body with its own harmonic regulations and bio rhythms as this is almost always altered and disassociated due to lack of proper diet, stress, depression, sadness, pollution, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc, it is highly recommended to start a cleansing program at a very good naturalist clinic or renown naturist complex. Of course previous advice is highly recommended but is not a prerequisite to practice Yoga; you can start the training at anytime at any moment.

Together with our body, our mind is also a very important thing to analyze here. In this light, Yoga says, a physical problem is not as important as a mental problem because sometimes people lose a hand or a foot or two and can continue living and being useful to society. But when you lose your mind is a very difficult situation so to speak.

The body and mind are very different things, there is a difference it their vibrational frequency level. First, the physical body is much thicker, its elements are gross and organic. The material that forms the mind is very subtle one. When thinking is clear, there is less possibility of mistakes. When a persons mind is cloudy, the same thoughts begin to imprison our lives as a prisoner in a cell, this is the top of many diseases. At this point, the mind becomes very weak and as the pads are on, if you start taking it out, the situation worsens. Drugs and many medicines prescribed for mental illness pollute much more your body and mind therefore it becomes a vicious circle. In this state of desperation, if the person does not know some techniques to strengthen the mind, the disease worsens. We must learn how to integrate mind, body and intellect in harmony. When the mind is ill, although the physical body is working properly, as time goes by, it eventually gets sick. So we can see influence of our mind is really strong on the physical body. That is what is called psychosomatic illness, psychosomatic disorders or psychosomatic diseases.

We must take into account that the mind is superior to the senses. For if the senses of sight and hearing are not functioning well, but the mind is right, the individual can lead a normal life. But when the mind fails, but all the senses are good, the individual cannot simply move on. Consequently we must look after our mind, because if you get sick, it will influence the whole body. One step is to eliminate the disease detoxifying the body. To achieve this we must follow a complete vegetarian and natural diet, if we feed with low quality substances, different type of maladies and organ malfunctioning arise, this produce serious painful diseases, just like a new car when you put on low quality oil and gasoline

Yoga Philosophy gives us many techniques to improve either our body, mind, intellect, emotions, ego or soul. Yoga has a very powerful technique, a very simple yet profound one, it is so simple that even a 6 years old child can practice it. That technique is named Mantra Yoga Meditation, this technique helps to automatically detoxify and purify our entire system, activating in an automatic way inactive and dormant levels, the unconscious mind levels start becoming aware and conscious. By practicing this technique you will see results fast, the individual will not have to wait. Of course, following the instructions as always, doing so, the technique does not fail.

The activation process of these inactive levels bring forth a complete detoxification and purification of the entire system, therefore strengthening the mind, with this clear mind the practitioner begins to think positive and grasp the best ideas, to analyze things with more clarity, more discerning, more peace and more tranquility, you will feel more peaceful, more relaxed, with a better sleep, these results are noticed immediately.

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