Yoga relaxation method can also break technique known as yoga. It will bring enormous benefits the body will enable the brain, heart, autonomic nervous system and limb to be the depth of the rest, so that the body be "charged" and revitalized. Formal relaxation should be an active, alert, focused mind to relax, can there be the feeling of relaxation.

* Relaxation method for different purposes, time and environment have different practice methods, such as day exercise aimed at eliminating fatigue, quick to add energy, you just do 15 minutes of rest surgery can be a key point is to focus their breathing during exercise to keep awake, do not go to sleep.

* The night before the practice time can be extended as far as possible, until their natural sleep up to. This will find that your sleep quality will thus be well improved. Even if the short period of time to sleep woke up the morning will be very clear, as lively as ever.

* Training Positions laws, can do a 10-minute relaxation training, through the relaxation to eliminate the tensions generated by movement.

* The end of each lesson or completion of a group of yoga postures, after practice, they also used this method to ease tensions in the body, so that the free flow of body energy.

Specific methods 1, light eyes closed, taking supine position. The legs spread apart and 20-30 cm. Arms on both sides of the body, two palm upward, knees and toes so that a natural, relaxed way outward hang.

2, take a deep breath, let the arms and legs gently look inside and outside turning several times, gently turning his head several times, then stop all the movements of the body to feel relaxed state of the body - began to make sense of the body has melted Each time expiratory have been sinking feeling of the body, let's consciousness from the bottom up slowly relax each part of the body. So slow, calm breathing.

3, relax each toe, feet, foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, hip; with the expiratory movements, relaxed waist, feeling the body sink; continue to let the sense of up, relax ribs, chest, heart, shoulders , upper arm, lower arm, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers; continue to mix thoroughly breathing, began to relax the neck, jaw, facial muscles, mouth, teeth, tongue, nose, eyelids, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, temples, top of the head, back of the head, the entire head, relax, and then back to relax the whole body: upper back, middle back, lower back; to relax the spine; relaxed waist, thigh, knee and calf of the rear. Each part of the whole body became very relaxed, breathing also will be more relaxed and more stable. You may be repeated according to their own circumstances 2 to 3 times, until your mind and body completely calm and relaxed.

4, finally opened his eyes slowly, sideways from the right, the end.

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