Yoga Eye Exercises Help Double Reading Speed

If you get bored by these facts about your eyes, hang in because coming up are
baby-easy two-minute exercises to improve your vision to function up to
ninety-five years.

Have you noticed that many Seniors past eighty years old, read with glasses as thick
as the bottoms of Coke bottles? It is statistically true that NOT the legs, but the eyes go first. We have seen test results of Senior adults who executed daily Yoga eye exercises, and the control group who let nature take its course. Four-to-one.


Daily two-minutes eye exercises protect your vision by lubricating the Cornea and Conjunctiva with a sebaceous (greasy) blinking hormone from the lacrimal glands. Wait! We Homo sapiens blink 15 times per minute – that is about once every 5 seconds.

How much? 17 thousand times every day – and we are not even conscious of blinking once. Get this: the more you consciously force yourself to blink while you read, the healthier your eyes remain in the present, and into your Senior years.


When we read we stop our natural blinking reflex. It drops from 15x per minute to only 3-4x per minute. So what? Ever notice your eyes begins to defocus,
and feel fatigued after reading past 30 minutes? It is because your eyes are drying-out for lack of that fatty grease lubricating your orbs when blinking.

Yaacov Stern, M.D. of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
coined the term Cognitive Reserve. It means where the brain is covered with amyloid plaques from Alzheimer, you function with almost no cognitive loss because of dementia.

It appears those who are actively engaged in reading, learning, and memory usage,
during their career years build a cognitive reserve that protects them in their Senior years.

Maybe the same cognitive reserve occurs when we actively protect our six-muscles in each eye through specific exercises. Google: Extra-Ocular-Muscles.


Blinking helps the eyes shift their target point. They go slip-sliding along on a layer
of sebum. Now for the prize winner – how long does a blink take? Answer: 3-400
milliseconds each. When you are happy, received a dose of the Pleasure neurotransmitter – Dopamine – you blink more than normal.


The reason we blink is two-fold – shield your eyes from foreign bodies like dust, and
prevent your eyes from drying out leading to blurred vision.

We are dedicated to reporting all neuroscience research related to reading,
learning, and memory processes, and their link to vision. If you are Surfing on the
Internet, reading articles and reports, STOP every 15 minutes to intentionally
(consciously) slowly blink your eyes a dozen-times.

It improves your eyesight in both the present, and for your Senior Years.

What about reading text material in books and magazines? Consciously STOP
every 15 minutes and do a dozen s-l-o-w blinks to lubricate your eyes.

Extra-Ocular-Muscle Exercises

Each eye has four Rectus eye muscles, and two Oblique ones. They move your eyes
up-and-down, each eye horizontally, and downward toward your nose. Other moves are to the top of the eye (away from the nose) and vertically. These twelve
muscles do not include under Extra-Ocular, muscles that lift each eyelid.

1. Sit down, facing straight ahead. Do not move your head, just your eyes.
2. Focus to your Extreme upper left by raising your eyebrow, and now
reverse and focus on your Extreme upper right quadrant. Go back-and-
forth 6-8 times. Upper left-back to straight-ahead, and upper right and back to straight ahead.
3. Laterally (sides) extreme left, back-to-front, and extreme right. Do it 6-8
times. Move toward your nose, and then away from your nose.
4. Extreme downward to your left, to the center, and to extreme downward
to the right. Up to a dozen of these two-eye-movements.
5. Total time for the exercises = two-minutes.

Please remember that these are Yoga (unite, join) exercises. We recommend you
see your own specialist before beginning these eye exercises. The author is not a
physician, but a researcher.

There are eye specialists who believe in the usefulness of conscious daily eye exercises. Some recommend them to the patients claiming value in avoiding
cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration. We make no claims.


A chart can summarize a book of information into a few lines,symbols and explanations. We listen to national media experts on Cable, many with PhDs in economics. They say…

The economy in October, 2009 is described as either flourishing compared to the
past three-months, or as ready for a second recessional dip into a 1929

Here goes: all the intellectuals repeat the 15,100,000-unemployment number,
(9.8%), like a parrot. In one year of listening, not one expert has spoken of the
138 million who are regularly employed. Sell to the people with a regular
pay check and for the present, ignore those who are financially weak.

Five States

Did you know that 40% of Gross Domestic Product comes from just five (5)
states – California-Texas-New York-Florida-Illinois? They are still earning
profits, and will vastly improve in 2010.

U.S. Dollar Will be Ditched

Get this: 63% of Global foreign reserves (their Case money) in October, 2009
are held in U.S. Dollars. It will take a minimum of five-years to convert to another
currency – if they dare.

Positive GDP

The #1 country in Gross Domestic Product is the U.S. with a 14 Trillion economy.
Who is second, third, etc?

Japan: 5 Trillion; China 4.3 Trillion; Germany 3.67 Trillion; France 2.86; and
U.K. 2.68 Trillion. China is NOT a threat to the U.S. with a lousy 4.3 compared to
14 Trillion. Japan pays 20% of GDP in annual debt for borrowing; the U.S. 10%.

The point is foreigners and their governments are not taking their assets
from a lawful, protected country and depositing them in Fly-By-Nighters.


Would you have a unique competitive advantage by reading-and-remembering
three (3) books, articles, and reports compared to your peers who can hardly
finish one? How about promotions? Call us and ask us how.

See ya,

copyright © 2009 H. Bernard Wechsler

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Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's.
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating
2 million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.