Yoga is a miraculous activity that is considered as a cure for various lifestyle diseases. It is an ancient Indian science that is used to cure & control deadly diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Owing to the rapid change in the lifestyle, various diseases have cropped up that are ruining the life of millions. The diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, stress, etc can perfectly be controlled by doing yoga postures every day.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient science that includes various mudras, poses, asana & pranayama. These are basically physical & mental exercises. These include stretching & bending of the muscles with the regulated breathing. This stretching helps a lot in improving the blood circulation in the vessels. The combined effect of the improved supply of blood and the oxygen results in offering full nourishment to the body tissues. This enhances the strength of the body by improving the defense systems of the body.

Some of the Most Popular yoga Pranayama

The "Lotus Pose" is a very effective asana that helps a lot in controlling the stress. In this, the practitioner has to sit with the folded legs with closed eyes. The practitioner has to shun the negative thoughts and has to meditate. This helps a lot in removing the negative thoughts from the mind. This also helps a lot in boosting the positive energy & helps a lot in focusing on constructive work. Stress is a very deadly disease. It is considered as the main cause of various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, etc. So, the lotus pose is very effective yoga pranayama that can perfectly control this disease.

Another very popular yoga pranayama is "Anulom Vilom". It is considered as a miraculous asana that can perfectly heal respiration-related problems. In this, the enthusiast has to breathe in a regulated manner. The practitioner has to inhale air from one nostril while has to exhale it from the other. Then, the practitioner has to repeat this exercise in the same manner from the other nostril.

Nowadays, millions of people are suffering from "sciatica". It is a disease that is associated with back pain. Yoga harbors various postures & asana to heal this disease. The most popular pranayama to heal this is "Bow Pose or Dhanushasana". In this, the practitioner has to bend in the pose of the bow while holding toes with the hand in order to strengthen the spinal muscle. This is certainly the best pose to cure this disease in a natural manner.


Yoga is perfect to rejuvenate the mind & body. The healthy body is essential to living a better life. Doing yoga on an everyday basis can perfectly cure various diseases. This helps a lot infusing constructive energy in the mind. This will certainly help a lot in getting a healthy mind & body.

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