As Yoga studios start off in the new year, many are thinking about how to market and grow their business. Because studios are "local businesses", one of the main avenues for promoting their business is via Google. But one important thing Yoga studios need to consider is their SEO or search engine optimization. Yoga SEO is all about focusing on your local city. So if you live in Los Angeles or Chicago, this needs to be very prominent in your strategy. Google has gotten very smart about how to deliver relevant local business search results and it can detect what city the user is in and will show them all the studios in their area. Many businesses are very confused about what SEO is. One of the main points in trying to explain this to Yoga businesses is by using the analogy that every time someone links to you, it's a "Like" on Facebook. Each link tells Google that your website is liked by other people and so it starts to rank you higher for your keywords. When managing your Yoga SEO , here are some things to consider:

1. Make sure each page on your site has proper title, description, and keywords in the meta tags
2. Make sure that the first couple sentences of each page have those keywords
3. Make sure you have some links coming to your page with those keywords set up as back links

Search Engine Optimization can sounds a little more intimidating then it actually is. If you would like some help I offer the service of being a Yoga business consultant and work with Yoga studios and teachers with their marketing and branding. Please also check back here to learn more about the changes that Google has made to local business search results as they are pretty major!

Author's Bio: 

Sergio DiazGranados, The Yogi Coach, helps Yoga studios and teachers with their marketing, branding, SEO, web design, and more. He has over 18 years of experience in marketing and business and spent five years with one of the largest Yoga media companies, Gaiam. Yoga Business Coach