If you are seriously interested in taking a Flow class at Yoga Pura on Wednesday nights then keep on reading in order to get a taste of what Yoga is really about.

Currently, the Wednesday night Flow classes at Yoga Pura are being led by the talent and imagination of Jen Brooks.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Jen Brooks Wednesday night Flow class at Yoga Pura is how she starts each class off by having us all honor our teachers that came before us thousands of years before.

While I could tell you how she does it, the truth is I want you to go to her class and find out for yourself how she starts off the class.

In any case, on the night of August 10, 2011 she began the teaching portion of her class by telling us that for the last few weeks she has been focusing on Isvara pranidhanam which translates into English as surrendering to the Divine.

And for this particular Flow class at Yoga Pura she invited us to set an intention of offering up the fruits of our labor in class tonight to a cause that we support.

What’s more, Jen B also reminded us that by offering this particular class to a cause, we were giving it all to that cause, not just the parts of class we enjoy, but the parts of class that we might not like as well.

Now I can almost hear you thinking how do you exactly offer up your class to a cause and again I want to remind you that part of the beauty of practicing Yoga on the mat is that it allows you to shift from thinking about something to actually experiencing something.

Consequently for this reason Jen B. then had us get into Child’s Pose so that we could begin to find a cause to offer our time on the mat to.

After a few moments of breathing in and out of Child’s pose, Jen Brooks then proceeded to do what she does best which is teach an absolutely amazing Flow Class.

The fact of the matter is you’re probably wondering what makes Jen Brooks Flow classes at Yoga Pura so wonderful.

And as you are continuing to read this I will be more than happy to give you a few reasons why Jen Brooks Flow classes at Yoga Pura are so wonderful.

Before I do, just in case you didn’t already know, Flow classes at Yoga Pura are done in a room that is heated to about 80 degrees and is a faster, dynamic pace class that
has its own rhythm to it.

Consequently for this reason at times it can be quite challenging for a Yoga Teacher to give you proper alignment cues as well as opportunities to notice when you are dropping back into unconscious habits that you habitually do on the Yoga Mat and off.

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