Unfortunately, the morning awakening for most of us is not so pleasant and if you are not a morning person, it will be hard for you. Generally, the alarm clock rings and instead of watching our beautiful dream, we are forced to get up, have to breakfast and go to work or school, which sometimes look a boring schedule. Even as a child, we were taught: in order to be cheerful and efficient during the day, early morning walk and jog can start our day with charging and this is something we should follow no matter who we are and what our age is.

Would you like to get a healthy and wealthy life? Well, you need to become a morning person by avoiding all bad habits and to sleep on time in the night. In order to remain our body young and healthy as long as possible and to elevate our mood, physical development should become our habit, which brings not only benefits but also a pleasure. Yoga is something one should try as by performing relevant asanas will help people to cheer up in the morning, to charge the body and brain with energy for the whole day. It should be noted that in the morning workout and yoga asanas will make you feel flexible enough as well as they can be performed standing against the wall to support. 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is a great way to learn an practice yoga and get certified at the same time.

The best yoga poses

It helps to wake up in the morning, raising the tone, strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves posture and promotes the release of the spinal nerves. How to perform the same?

Stand straight, connecting the feet so that the outside of the feet are parallel
Distribute the weight of the body on the surface of the feet evenly
Stretch your knees and pull your kneecaps up
Pull the belly up, stretch the spine, and straighten the neck.
Hands down the sides of the body
Perform it for 30-60 seconds, rest and do it again


It tones the muscles of the legs gives a sense of stability and balance, hence best for ultimate health. To perform the very same yoga posture-

Stand in Tadasana

Bend the right leg in the knee and press the foot to the inner side of the left thigh, placing the heel near the crotch and pointing fingers straight down. Move your knee to the side

Arms to extend upwards

Breathe evenly, hold the pose for a few seconds, with time increasing the duration of exposure.

Virabhadrasana II

It restores flexibility to the legs and back, as well as best for the abdominal organs.

Stand in Tadasana, exhale, spread your legs at a distance of 120-125 cm, turn the right foot to the right, the left — 60 degrees to the right.

Push the floor with your feet, bend the front knee.

Pull the coccyx down, pubic bone — up (this straightens the lower back and increases the rotation of the thigh in
the hip joint)

Arms out to the sides

Pull the crown up, then turn the head to the right

Keep the asana for 30 seconds


It instantly energizes and strengthens the ankle, and thigh, and promotes uniform development of the muscles of the legs, pull the shoulders, tones the abdominal organs, the back and the operation of the diaphragm, massages the heart. How to do it?

Stand in Tadasana

Bend the knees, lower the buttocks down, as if sitting on a chair

Direct the coccyx down and the pubic bone up to fully straighten the lower back

Stretch your arms over your head parallel to each other, go down even lower, holding your back as vertically as possible

Stay at the lowest possible position for 10-30 seconds, gradually increasing the duration

So, must try these postures and must become a morning person to transform your life.

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Kushagra Bhatnagar is a Yoga Lover, Writer, Traveler and blogger having deep knowledge about yoga asanas. and meditation techniques. You can find him practising Yoga at Rishikesh YTTC or hiking somewhere in the Himalayas.