You probably have heard about ideas to breathe more and expel more CO2. Such ideas are promoted by many people, including current day yoga teachers who suggest ideas that are completely different from the original yoga used for centuries and even from yoga that had been used some fifty-seventy years back. For instance, anyone can prove that previously yoga coaches could efficiently teach methods to deal with medical problems. There were actually yoga advertisements in the twenties declaring that their yoga courses could treat truly serious diseases, like cardiovascular illnesses along with bronchial asthma. How could possibly they reach that? Why could modern-day educators not offer the same result?

Illnesses are based on diminished body oxygen levels. To paraphrase, ill men and women always have reduced oxygen tension in body tissues. Nevertheless classic yoga educators knew the main secret of breathing that could efficiently deliver body cells with critical oxygen 24/7. Yes, we need to have some basal or automatic respiration pattern that can ensure excellent oxygen tension in body tissues days and nights.

Present-day yoga trainers have erroneous ideas about breathing. It is likely you have heard that present day yoga tutors claim that breathing more air and also deep breathing is useful for us. They also say that CO2 is a poisonous gas and we should inhale and exhale more and deeply to eradicate this toxin. Quite simply, they encourage hyperventilation.

In the meantime, standard yoga teaching on the subject of breathing appeared to be absolutely opposite. You will find 3 standard writings created on Hatha Yoga. These classic texts were released roughly 400-700 years back: Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, together with Shiva Samhita. All these traditional books don't have any referrals to fast and deep respiration and ideas related to strenuous expelling of toxins from the lungs. In reality, ancient yoga manuscripts promote the alternative ideas. They all declare that we must restrain breathing, keep it calm, and hold the breath. They claim that the aim of pranayama, which is the main yoga respiration exercise, is to have even longer periods of breath stopping and exhalations. You can easily get these quotations on the internet considering that the entire variants of these traditional yoga writings are in open access. Here is Yoga YouTube video that explains old and new yoga teachings.

In spite of this, if you start checking out more recent yoga books written over the last 40-50 years and internet based articles or blog posts, one will discover 100 % opposite ideas. Thousands of modern yoga practitioners claim that respiration needs to be deep, we have to inhale and exhale more air, and that there are toxins that are to be eliminated from our lungs because of to deep breathing. These people also express that CO2 is a dangerous gas.

In current day period of science, you can easliy analyze who is right and which respiratory pattern is better for our health. Let us have a look at professional medical points. Whenever we have very light and slow normal breathing (only 10-12 breaths each and every minute and also close to 5-6 liters of air flow every minute while resting for a 70-kg person), we have nearly ideal O2 saturation of the arterial blood or practically 99 percent. As a result, whenever we have deep and fast breathing, we simply cannot get greater oxygen content in organs. The chief effect of hyperventilation is low O2 pressure in the arterial blood. But CO2 is actually a powerful expander of arteries and arterioles.

Subsequently, whenever we breathe additional air, we have reduced blood carbon dioxide saturation, and this diminishes the flow of blood to all crucial internal organs and causes diminished oxygen levels in body cells. Countless research articles have measured this effect in relation to the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and many other bodily organs. Note that circulation of blood and oxygen transportation are essential for normal work of all internal organs, cells and systems. There is even a relatively easy body oxygen test (a distinctive breath holding time check) which you can use to evaluate oxygen concentrations in body organs. You could study more about these things from excellent web page (from Yoga.

Moreover, dozens of research publications have revealed that those with health problems breathe a great deal more than the medical standard. Hence, modern people also “practice” heavy and fast breathing or over-breathing. It's not at all a surprise in that case that most today's yoga mentors can't cure health conditions since they perverted the basis of yoga. These observations also describe why benefits of modern-day yoga courses are limited and most people cannot improve their bad health when using this exceptional and wise ancient health technique.

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Dr. Artour Rakhimov ( is a health educator. He is an author of books and breathing teacher. His website has hundreds of studies that show that modern people have low cell oxygenation due to their abnormal automatic breathing patterns and such breathing promotes chronic diseases.