The transformational shift from static signs to digital signage has become more and more significant in catching the eye of potential customers. The leading companies in digital signage are continuously innovating and improving technologies to offer an interactive experience. Yodeck is one such company in the industry that provides all-in-one Digital Signage for dynamic screen-management to power your screens with any content or widgets.

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Yodeck is a complete cloud service company that helps everyone display engaging media, such as images and videos, on one or multiple TVs, so brands can effectively connect and communicate with the people that matter the most to them.

Ambitious Future

Yodeck’s first aspiration is to remain a digital signage software industry leader and provide an excellent experience for its customers. Personally, Vangelis’s goals are to invest even more in human capital, attract highly skilled employees, and offer them a great working environment where people can grow professionally and build meaningful relationships with one another.

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