We live in a world filled with smart devices from phones, watches, TVs, and many more. Creating smart homes with smart lifestyle features is now the new normal that makes people’s lives safer, thoughtful, enriching, and more enjoyable with the evolving need of people. YI Technology sought its inspiration by a singular, bold vision of a future to provide people with a smarter lifestyle to assist them in their daily tasks. 

We at Insights Success a Best Online Business Magazine, caught up with Sean Da, CEO, and Founder of YI Technology, to know more about the company and its contribution to providing practical and affordable smart life home solutions for everyone.

Providing Smart Technology Solutions

Advancement of technology such as combining AI and edge computing is the topmost offering of YI Technology that addresses the need of its customers. YI is an international brand focusing on the research and development of video imaging and vision technologies. YI has over 150+ patented technologies in advanced computer algorithm capabilities, original deep learning, edge computing, and assisted driving algorithms around the world. Since it was launched in 2014, YI has gained various prestigious awards for its practical and affordable smart technology solutions for individuals and enterprises across the globe.

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