At the time of Pralaya or cosmic annihilation everywhere darkness/Tamas ruled the roost. Almighty Lord or creator of this world at that time did ‘Eekshana’. This then induced movement in Prakriti/nature made of 3 Gunas which were initially equipoised. At that time Almighty God was called Yajna Purusha (Yajur Veda 31 & Taitereya Braahmana 3/3/75). From this Yajna Purusha manifested various other Yajnas and later as time elapsed, all Yajnas put together manifested as this Cosmic Yajna in a fully developed manner. Since the Lord himself is Yajna incarnate and so too is his created cosmos nothing apart from Yajnas exist in this world. This we can say without overstating. The 4 Vedas too manifested from Yajna incarnate Almighty God (Yajur Veda 31/7 & Shatpath Braahmana 1/1/4/3). Hence they too are Yajna incarnateand whatever exists is nothing beyond Yajnas. And say what else can exist? Apart from Yajnas nothing exists. Anything outside the periphery of Yajnas gets destroyed. Certain Yajna Sciences are called demonic powers but know for sure that too is God’s Maya or power of illusion (Rig Veda 10/55/2).

In the Bhagwad Geeta it is written that Prajaapati created both Yajnas and creatures together. He ordered all creatures to attain their desires via Yajnas. On an average in the Atharva Veda Sookta all types of Yajnas have been enumerated. Further it says that Yajnas manifested from Almighty God. Their names are Darshapaurnamaas, Vaajpeya, Ashwamedha, Raajasooya etc. Chiefly these Yajnas were created for human beings. In the Rig Veda (1/84/2) it is said that Indra attends eulogies sung in praise of Rishis and Yajnas conducted by human beings.

From the above Mantra it is clear as to what special qualities are possessed by man and demigods. There are other Mantras wherein separate descriptions of mankind and demigods are given. The above mentioned Mantra should not be misconstrued by believing that Rishis never performed Yajnas. Rishis did perform Yajnas. And yet what the above mentioned Mantra is trying to say that predominantly Yajnas are instruments for world humanity to fulfill their desires. In comparison to what man attains via Yajnas great Rishis attain much more via Sankalpa/power of resolve and eulogy to Almighty God (Yajur Veda 17/28). But this power of eulogy was attained by Rishis via fire worship (Atharva Veda 4/23/5) and Rig Veda 10/80/4). In the Mahaabhaarata’s Shanti Parva it is said that at the beginning of Tretaa Yuga Vaivamvat Manu manifested. Hence humanity was created in Tretaa Yuga. Yajnas specifically were performed more and more in this era. This is because era degeneration rendered power of resolve and eulogies that much more ineffective. Keeping this fact in mind the above Mantra says that man has a special bond with Yajnas. Krit Yuga is Divine Era. In it nature based Yajnas function optimally and hence at such times man does not require Yajna help in any major way. During this era there is no variedness or great potency of Yajnas. At that time earth lived in a Divine Era. If demigods themselves manifest on planet earth whom will mankind offer Yajnas to? In those times Rishis and demigods were the chief authors of World Yajnas.

Human Yajnas are just not merely mediums of understanding World Yajnas but are helpers in directing World Yajnas. Micro Yajnas are transformed into Macro/Cosmic Yajnas by human Yajnas. These Yajnas are not called Kalpa because of Kalpanaa or imagination. In fact ecause they have divine potential they are called Kalpa. Anyone who methodically performs Yajnas, manifest divine energy in their soul/psyche. This happens so that they become capable enough to direct World Yajnas. Sometimes in the World Yajna controlled by Yajna incarnate Almighty God some calamities do set in like flooding, famine, earthquake, tsunamis etc. The question asked is that is all this given to us by God? No! Certainly not! This is not given by God. All this is but the fruits of our actions. God is not harsh and merciless to induce flooding, famine, earthquake, tsunamis etc. and thus bring stress and strife in the lives of mankind who are God’s beloved children. Hence all these taints and distortions definitely man made. It also follows suit that if man can induce flooding and other calamities he can also induce optimum rainfall, apt circumstances and wholesome seasons. In a certain sense we are authors and directors of apt seasonal control. In this manner in order to make World Yajnas well managed and regular time and again, God gave great Rishis at the commencement of creation ‘technology’ called Yajna. Via God’s regular duties there is arrangement of proper rainfall everywhere and yet on certain occasions excess or lack of rainfall is witnessed by us all the world over. Via Kaareerishta Yajnas Rishis create monsoon seasons. Germs, bacteria etc found in natural dwellings, various places seasons are destroyed by Rishis via Bhaishajya Yajnas. Putreshti Yajna helps childless married couples to give birth to children. Via great Yajnas called Ashwamedha, Raajasooya and Vaajpeya partial Yajnas of the microcosm along with its energy is rendered equivalent to that of World Yajnas. Hence we can say that human Yajnas are simply means to understand Cosmic Yajnas and are their reformers, controllers and aides too. They destroy sins and generate grandeur plus Divine Powers.

Generally we perform Yajnas in the form of Agnihotra wherein fire is lit. Never ever look upon this fire as material and wordly (Yajur Veda 5/4). Vedas proclaim that within this material fire manifests one more fire. This added fire can be visualized only via a divine vision or Rishis who are imbued with Divine Powers. In other words great saints via these powers manifest one more fire in the material fire of Agnihotra. This inner fire present in the cave of material fire is said to the ‘son’ of great Rishis. How then do Rishis create this subtle fire? A general answer would be via friction. This is friction takes place in divine vision, divine speech and divine thinking/reflection.

In previous verses (Yajur Veda 5/20) it is said that fire is churned via Mantras. On reflection a question asked is whether the second fire that emerges from churning is Almighty God in his Cosmic Fire form or is it some other fire. Scholarly and wise men must deeply reflect over this point. I forone simply has to say this that the ordinarly loking Yajna fire must never be looked upon as worldly or material. Within it there definitely exists another fire which Vedas are indicating in various verses. Keeping this inner subtle fire in mind we must perform Yajnas with intense faith (Yajur Veda 3/11). If faith is lacking Yajnas never succeed. Yajna oozes with both material and spiritual grandeur. Yajna protects everybody. Yajnas help destroy all our sins. Yajnas help fire enact extraordinary feats and tasks. A great responsibility rests on the shoulders of those Yajna devotees who harbor intense faith. Hence they must prove to world humanity the enormous power and influence of Yajnas (Yajur Veda 1/2; Rig Veda 1/24/14; Rig Veda 6/3/5; Rig Veda 8/23/8; Atharva Veda 12/2/37).

From the above facts it is crystal clear that the aura and radiance of an individual who does not perform Yajna gets destroyed. In order to protect this aura and radiance Yajnas are most required and imperative. In the Purusha Sookta of the Vedas Almighty God is called Yajna. It simply means that God created this world in an optimal fashion and that it is well managed in an unanarchic manner. Secondly this world itself is Yajna incarnate. All its tasks are carried out under such stringent laws that all objects function aptly in their appointed tasks. Just as this world is a gigantic Yajna in the same way man’s life akin to a cog in the wheel too is a Yajna. Its aim is to induce mankind to create a semblance of balance between his inner and outer being. In this manner he/she can forge a strong bond optimally with the entire world.

The above observations help us conclude that in ancient eras Yajnas were not considered to be a special spiritual task or some miraculous mantra chanting. In fact Yajnas were very much a part and parcel of life in those times. Yajnas are categorized chiefly in 3 ways viz. seasonal basis, man’s righteous duties and nation’s governance and management. Thus in order to solve problems related to economy, culture and political governance certain cooperative and social endeavors were pursued with. These tasks were rooted in Yajnas. So in ancient eras Indian society and culture were nothing short of Yajna manifestation. Gopath Braahmana Yajna names and methodology are enumerated wherein it becomes clear that ancient Indian citizens verily lived a life of true Yajna. As a result they oozed with great health, good charactered progeny, good rainfall, good governance, knowledge, wisdom, science and God or Self Realization.

Following are the types of endeavors fulfilled via Yajnas:

1) Health is of 2 types. One is individual and the other is social. Seasonal illnesses like cold, cough, diaorrhea etc and epidemics like plague, malaria etc can attack anyone and everyone. A lone individual is just not capable enough to overcome them. In days of yore Yajnas based season wise could help decrease drastically disease based distortions. Thus society enjoyed good health. In fact because of this Gopath Braahmana calls them Bhaishajya Yajnas.

2) If one is childless and wants a great child with a long life span we are ordained to perform Putrakaameshti Yajna. A certain portion of this Yajna is also conjoined to Sanskaaras like Garbhaadhaan, Punsavan and Seemantonnayan and also to Pitru Yajna.

3) Yajnas have a special relationship with rainfall because the prime basis of wealth generation by the lay public depends on rainfall. In ancient eras when a drought like situation occurred great Rishis would manifest rainfall via Yajnas. This has been detailed in many places and even in today’s contemporary times these Yajnas have proved fruitful.

4) The true import of wealth means materials of good utility value in our life. Currencies and other avenues are merely means of buying/selling these materials and can be changed any time. Thus true wealth connotes food, livestock, clothes, shelter etc. which are a must for comfortable living. This type of wealth is definitely required even for conducting Yajnas. For this Gomedha Yajnas are prescribed wherein wealth belonging to society augments a great deal.

5) In ancient culture a kingdom was such wherein society was governed in an optimal manner. All world human society was tied in a bond of oneness so that joy and peace prevailed everywhere. This helped people overcome fear of wars and strife and instead used their precious time and energy not only for personal benefits but for society at large. In order to work for world welfare Ashwamedha Yajnas were conducted on a gigantic scale. This in turn helped anarchic and unruly regions in the world get transformed into aptly governed ones. Thus no longer could they break peace and welfare that ruled the roost everywhere.

6) Via 5 great Yajnas the solar and lunar worlds were made radiant and as a result guests, aged, ill, downfallen, animals, birds etc were fed sumptuously. Hence say is there anything greater than such selfless service and pious sentiments of compassion? It is because of such Yajnas that mankind manifested sacred sentiments of forgiveness, compassion, non-violence etc. Thus their lives were not limited to mad material pursuits but that divine qualities too were given an apt platform to proliferate.

7) After doing all this when a true devotee says ‘Idam na mama’ meaning O Lord all that exists is not mine but yours only, he/she can never experience bondage to the world and any actions/Karmas. This selflessness is a very special characteristic of Yajna. In the Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna says: Apart from Yajna actions all other actions lead to bondage. In this manner a person who realizes the deep import of Yajnas also acts accordingly and hence becomes capable enough of attaining salvation or liberation (Moksha/Mukti).

It has been proved beyond doubt that in ancient Indian culture Yajnas were given utmost importance and from here its sacred precept spread all over the world. Of course it is but natural that because of disparity as far as region and society is concerned the methodology, actions, materials etc of Yajnas vary in different regions. And yet the root source of Yajna sentiments is the same in any country and culture. In ancient Greek and Roman civilization Yajna culture did exist and even today Parsis are devout fire worshippers. Within Jainism and Buddhism incense and flame lamps used are subtle forms of Yajna only. In Jewish, Christianity, Islam and other semetic sects traditions of lighting flame lamps, candles etc are definitely found. Chinese tradition calls Yajna ‘Ghoma’ which appears to be a resultant of the word ‘Homa’. Ancient indwellers of Egypt and Red Indians of America too were known to perform Yajnas. From this it can be proved that Yajna has been the root righteous duty of human civilization and it was spread everywhere by Indian Aryans. As long as Indian citizens understood the Science of Yajnas and put it into practice in their day to day living, so long India remained the crest jewel amongst all world nations. In fact India then was called Jagadguru or the Preceptor of the World. But alas when people started ignoring the sacred sentiments of Yajnas it resulted in them killing animals for sacrificial offering in Yajnas and eating/drinking those items which are taboo (animal flesh, intoxicants etc). Since then India went head on to a downfall because inner weaknesses started ruling the roost. Even today Indian society can be uplifted and reformed only if the true precept of Yajna is first understood deeply and then imbibed in ones day to day transactions.

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