Dry mouth is something most people experience in their life. It may be a passing thing when you’re stressed or nervous before making a speech or when you’re about to sit an exam or have an interview. But there are times when a dry mouth can be a bit more noticeable. This may be at certain times of the year when pollen counts are high and you take medication (antihistamine) to reduce the symptoms of hay fever, or something much more serious; going through a course of radiation therapy for a head and neck cancer.

People generally don’t think about a dry mouth until they have one and often don’t believe it is an actual condition. It certainly doesn’t sound particularly debilitating but the impact can have profound effects on people’s day to day activities. This can include anything from feeling thirsty all the time and having to carry water everywhere through to not wanting to go out or socialise because the condition is so uncomfortable.

Some of those that really suffer from dry mouth symptoms include auto immune diseases such as Lupus or Sjögrens, treatments for cancer, long term degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, illnesses such as COPD or sleep apnoea where breathing can be laboured and something as simple as side effects to medication. Often it’s the most common ailments which have prescription drugs that cause a really dry mouth with medications such as antibiotics, diuretics, antidepressants and pain killers.

A really quick and easy way of resolving a dry mouth is a unique product called XyliMelts. They are a discreet discs which stick to the gum and are highly effective in managing dry mouth symptoms for hours at a time. There are many products on the market but none as effective as XyliMelts nor as simple and easy to use.

XyliMelts are even save for children and can be used around the clock. The discs won’t be affected while you eat and drink either. Many people particularly struggle at night – when saliva flow is naturally a lot slower – meaning they are constantly waking up throughout the night to drink water. By simply using a couple of XyliMelts discs before you go to bed, will aid a full night’s sleep and you’ll wake refreshed and ready the face the day.

Simple. Easy. Effective. XyliMelts really provide long term relief for the symptoms of dry mouth.

After half my life with dry mouth problems, I have tried many products, some better than others. I am going to recommend the ones that have really helped me and I have really noticed their effects.

This is no exaggeration. For me, this product has been a true lifesaver . Before knowing XyliMelts, I had insomnia due to dry mouth for many years: I couldn't sleep because I noticed how my mouth was dry and I got anxiety and, when I got to sleep, I woke up every two hours to drink water and in the morning I got up exhausted His tongue stiff, his throat burning, and he could hardly speak.

That is why I say that XiliMelts has changed my life. At first, it took me a bit to get used to the feeling of having something stuck to my gums, but after several years of using them now, I couldn't live without these little pills.

The benefits for me have been incalculable since I have been using XyliMelts: I sleep more than 6 hours in a row which for me is a real achievement, I really rest and I have fewer cavities because saliva production is stimulated throughout the night.

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A unique long lasting treatment for Dry Mouth.