For men, fun Christmas presents come in the form of alcohol and they don’t hide that fact. It is not an easy time for women because Xmas gifts for men should always be enjoyable but not to the detriment of their health. It seems much better to buy him Christmas presents that last for a long time and do not have consequences such as hangovers and run-ins with the law. Yet surely, your man has a modicum of common sense and can enjoy a festive tipple without getting into trouble. Mr. Beer is a company that designs alcoholic beverages for home consumption and their range provides much-welcomed ideas that men will love. From homemade cider and beer to easy refills, Mr. Beer has fun presents for men down to a fine art.

Many men love to receive gifts of the alcoholic variety, they are always welcome, especially when they come in a range of different flavours. The Mr. Beer refill pack allows your man to enjoy up to 2 gallons of the beverage of their choice. Each pack contains everything you need for an easy top-up including hopped malt extract, Booster and sanitizing cleanser. There are a host of different beers to try including St. Patrick’s Irish Stout which rewards you with the taste of roasted barley and chocolate malts. This is a silky beverage with a full-bodied aroma and the perfect gift for enjoying in front of a warm fire on a cold night. Fun Christmas presents for guys don’t come much more obvious than alcohol.

Allowing your guy to make his own brew must be among the best gifts you can purchase at Christmas. In the UK, we have this idea that America doesn’t know how to create great beers. Yet one look at your local’s selection which will invariably contain American staples such as Miller, Coors and Budweiser suggest otherwise. Mr. Beer is actually an American company but they specialize in producing fun Christmas presents of the homemade alcohol variety. Their cider home brew kit allows you to create cider from scratch. It comes with a fermented, 8 one litre bottles which can be reused, 2 pint glasses, a hard cider mixture and a set of instructions so simple to follow that anyone can do it. Expect to make around 2 gallons of delicious cider. This is one of the best Xmas gifts for dads who like to experiment with new things and no longer enjoy queuing in busy pubs.

And that’s not all in terms of fun Christmas presents from Mr. Beer. They also have a pack that enables you to make beer from scratch. Like the homemade cider, the pack has the 2 gallon fermenter, brewing instructions and bottles. However, the homemade beer comes in two different flavours: Classic Blonde and Golden Lager. The Classic Blonde Ale is smooth and mild while the Golden Lager is full of hop flavour and really titillates the tongue. The kit enables you to make 2 gallons of each beer, that’s 16 pints in total. Presents that allows them to stock up on their own booze without having to rely on an off-license opening hours will always be appreciated.

The Mr. Beer kits are among the top Xmas gifts for men and they prevent traditional brewing attempts which could be dangerous and normally taste awful. Mr. Beer’s products have received numerous thumbs-up from the discerning British public who finally understand that beers from abroad actually taste pretty good. Being able to quickly refill your glass is always convenient but nothing beats coming up with your own brew. You’ll almost feel like a pub landlord as you carefully mix the ingredients together despite the fact that virtually anybody could do it! Just make sure that the men in the house drink sensibly to ensure that these Mr. Beer kits are fun Christmas presents that bring joy and maybe a hangover or two!

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