Are you thinking of a career as an x ray technician? As one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment it sure offers a lot of opportunity for the right candidate. While the salary is quite good, this is not a job you need to get into for the sake of the money. Its a challenging career and one that definitely does not suit all personality types. Within the field of radiology there is a wide range of career possibilities and depending on your own preferences you can find something that really suits your personality.

Your qualification in radiology will prepare you for a wide range of skills. You will do so much more than what you may think and this job truly has many facets to it. Lets quickly look at 3 of the main responsibilities you will have as an x ray technician.

1. Preparing x rays

X ray technicians are mainly responsible for producing x ray images that is used in diagnosing a wide range of medical conditions. Learning to operate x ray machines is a big part of the job and because these machines are so expensive and so dangerous it takes a real expert to use it. In fact, its become so specialized that you have to learn how to operate specific types of machines. It does not stop with x rays either. Technicians also operate MRI machines, Sonar and even Nuclear technology that is all part of this all encompassing field of human imaging.

2. Working with patients

Working with highly sophisticated machines that use the latest technology is one thing. Working with patients is quite another. It takes a special kind of person to make patients feel at ease and since your patients will often be in a lot of pain you really have to have that human touch. To get good and useful x rays and images you have to be able to work with both machine and human and do it in such a way that both work well together.

3. Working alongside doctors

Doctors rely on x rays more than ever before. With MRI and some of the latest imaging technologies doctors can now see what they could not have seen a few years ago. Not only does this allow them to make much more accurate diagnosis but it helps them to get to the root of problems quickly - and treat it quickly and accurately. As a technician you will work very closely with doctors to help them make quick and accurate diagnosis - every time.

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