The popularity of CBD oil is increasing every day due to its properties. This product promotes positive effects that help people cope with mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and insomnia. Moreover, hemp-extracted products reduce the consequences of diabetes, cancer, chronic pains, epilepsy, and other severe conditions.

As you know, popularity is always surrounded by questions and myths, and CBD oil isn’t an exception. Unfortunately, many people believe in these stories and decide to stay away from hemp products. It’s time to uncover the truth! In this article, you’ll find the most common myths about CBD oil.

7 Myths About CBD Oil You Shouldn’t Trust

Hemp-extracted products are widely available today. But the lack of knowledge about CBD essentials makes people believe in misinformation. Let’s take a glance at myths that surround cannabinoid production:

1. A large dose of CBD oil is more effective than a small one

Many people insist that they get the expected results only after they increase a CBD oil dosage. That’s why customers who try hemp-derived products for the first time often skip the recommendations to start at a small amount. They take high doses from the very beginning of treatment, but there’s no guarantee that this choice is more effective or that it doesn’t bring you an unexpected effect like headaches, for example. There’s a perfect dose for everyone. For some people, it’s enough to take a few drops of CBD oil to get all the benefits and effects provided by the product. While others need to increase the dosage because of specific health conditions.

2. CBD oil is the cure for all diseases

There’s no doubt that CBD has many benefits and amazing properties, but it can’t heal severe diseases like cancer and diabetes. Hemp products only help cope with symptoms and get rid of chronic pains. So, CBD oil can become a part of the treatment plan for combating different conditions, but not a magic pill.
CBD derived from hemp interacts with the endocannabinoids in your body and helps get rid of toxins. This chemical positively influences your health conditions and regulates the immune system’s functioning. It provides anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving effects. Thus, CBD oil helps fight against different symptoms caused by diseases.

3. CBD oil is fully legal

Although you can buy CBD oil legally in the territory of almost all 50 US states, it’s necessary to check the compound of a product and pick reliable distributors. According to the law, hemp-extracted items must contain less than 0.3% of THC. If you don’t have a special card or prescription that allows you to buy CBD products with a higher amount of this element, it’s impossible to purchase them legally. That’s why you have to be careful and choose items with the permitted dosage of THC or without it at all. Besides, it’s necessary to check the regulations of your state because each region has specific regulations concerning CBD products.

4. CBD oil will get you high

The best CBD oil helps you relax, get rid of mental disorders, and fight against symptoms of severe diseases. It doesn’t get you high and doesn’t bring you the feeling of euphoria. As we mentioned earlier, CBD products contain less than 0.3 % of THC (the element that can promote a psychoactive effect). This dosage is safe for all people. Besides, many manufacturers offer CBD oil with zero THC. That’s why you can be sure that you won’t have any hallucinogenic experience after taking it.

5. CBD oil doesn’t work

Many people say that they’ve taken CBD oil for a week or two, but it didn’t help them. Different CBD research studies prove that hemp-derived products have stress-relieving, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety effects. For example, in 2017, British scientists discovered that CBD could treat ulcerative colitis. And Brazilian studies demonstrated that patients who took hemp-derived products felt less anxious than those who took placebo.

So, why don’t some customers feel better after taking CBD oil? The main reason explaining why it happens is that they don’t have any health conditions that can be healed by cannabinoids. They just want to try something new, but they don’t even know what to expect from this product. It’s recommended to visit your doctor and ask whether you need CBD in the first place. You’ll only waste your money if you don’t have any disorders but still want to check the effectiveness of oil or any other hemp product just for the sake of it.

6. It doesn’t matter where to buy CBD oil

It’s necessary to conduct research and pick a reliable manufacturer or distributor before making a purchase. This industry is an attractive place for scams – they provide low-quality products and don’t check their items for purity. Such brands don’t control the dosage of THC in the offered goods and don’t care where to grow or buy hemp. With a product of poor quality, you’ll never get the desired experience with CBD.

When searching for a safe place to buy CBD oil, consider reading the reviews, comparing prices, checking a list of ingredients, and viewing lab reports. Reliable companies allow customers to look at the testing results of their products directly on their websites. They collaborate with independent laboratories that check CBD products for purity, quality, and consistency. The best items are free from toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and GMOs. Besides, reputable brands offer a wide selection of hemp-extracted products, including oils, topicals, edibles, capsules, vape pens, and many more.

7. You’ll feel the effect immediately

Depending on your health condition, this myth may be partially debunked. Some people feel the effect in a few hours after they take CBD oil, and others might need a few weeks to notice changes. There’s also a category of patients who don’t even know whether they have any improvements.
Before you start taking oil or any other CBD product, it’s necessary to determine your health condition correctly. If you clearly understand your purpose, it’s easier to recognize the difference. Ask for advice from your doctor or write down your symptoms to see how your condition is changing over time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most myths surrounding CBD oil look pretty truthful. But you don’t have to trust anything you see on the Web or hear from your friends – it’s necessary to check the received information first. The best method to determine your health condition and pick the right dosage of CBD oil is to ask for advice from your doctor. But if you listen to your body and know what’s wrong, you can buy a hemp-derived product from a reliable brand. A high-quality one will surely help you cope with mental disorders or reduce the symptoms of severe diseases.

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Jamie Taylor is the founder and CEO of ValidCBDOil. He got a medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine and has been working as a physician assistant for ten years. He believes CBD provides incomparable effects that can help people fight a number of diseases. Jamie also helps customers choose the best hemp-derived products by providing them with accurate reviews.