Wrestling is one of the oldest sports and form of combat. It is referenced in Iliad and identified in 15,000 years old drawings discovered in caves in France. The wrestling has been very popular in different parts of the world. During the early years of America's developments, amateur wrestling began to get popular. Appearing at county fairs, carnivals, holiday celebrations and military exercises.
The history of WWE can be traced back to the early 1959s when Roderick James McMahon, a boxing promoter and grandfather of the iconic owner of largest professional wrestling company WWF/WWE, Vince McMahon, together with Joseph Raymond months founded it in 1952 as CWC, the capitol wrestling corporation. Mondt and Jess McMahon created the WWWF, short for worldwide wrestling federation in the 1960s as a result of a protest for the loss of 1963's NWA world heavyweight champion, Buddy Rogers, against world championship winner Lou Thesz in a one fall match conducted in Toronto on 24th of January, 1963. Mondt left the company in the late sixties. And although the WWWF had withdrawn from, NWA, the Vince McMahon Sr, still sat among the NWA board of directors. WWWF name was changed to WWF, short for world wrestling federation in 1979.
The son of Vincent J.McMahon, Vincent Kennedy McMahon founded the Titan sports, Inc. in 1980 and purchased the CWC in 1982 from his father. Vince McMahon was one if the vibrant members of NWA and formed recognitions of professional wrestling as more of an entertainment source than an actual sport. Going against his father's wishes, Vince McMahon Jr. embarked on his journey and expanded the process which would prove to be pivotal and fundamentally alter the course of sport and determine the new purpose of it - all while putting WWF and his own life in jeopardy. Defeating all the hurdles coming in his way, McMahon bears what is today known as the world's greatest professional wrestling entertainment company — introducing greatest superstars and skilled wrestlers of all times who reached their own stardoms with great contributions. Who the respective fans are absolutely crazy about.
In 2000 the world wildlife fund, which is an environmental organization, now known as worldwide fund though, sued WWF, to which British Court agreed, for breaching an agreement of 1994 done by Titan sports. The agreement which limited the right to use WWF initials overseas, particularly in merchandising. On May 5, 2002, the company announced the change in name which turned WWF to WWE, short for world wrestling entertainment.
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