Are you suffering a problem of maintaining work and family balance due to extensive travel to sites and massive amounts of paperwork at the office? Luckily, Wuudis Solutions Oy – forest management and monitoring software solution keeps you updated with all information in real-time regarding your forest business. You can monitor and manage your forest from anywhere and anytime even without visiting your forest. You can also easily see what operations need to be carried out and how much money you can make by immediately logging in.

Easy and Profitable Setup

Seppo Huurinainen, a forest owner from Finland was lacking a complete end-to-end digital service integrated with up-to-date satellite and field data to manage and monitor his 1000 hectare of forest property easily and profitably. No kind of platform service existed in the market, which could enable Seppo to manage his forest property data and its operations digitally.

This problem drove Seppo to build a platform service for the dynamic forest, biomass, plantation, and related natural resource management and monitoring, and hence the company named Wuudis Solutions Oy was born. According to Seppo, his forest property works as a ‘sandbox’ to test all Wuudis services.

Updated Software

Wuudis software platform is the most advanced dynamic forest, biomass, and plantation monitoring and management service. It allows the frequent, reliable, and harmonized update of diversified biomass and satellite data. The software platform performs satellite image interpretation monitoring activities using AI, on free Sentinel and other satellite data, as well as available open data. The software interfaces of the platform facilitate the day-to-day operational business and resource monitoring, helping stakeholders to increase their income while reducing operational costs.

Accessible and User-Friendly

Climate change and biodiversity loss are major societal problems. This can be addressed through sustainable forest and biomass management and monitoring. This is a complex challenge requiring high-performance monitoring and management capabilities based on modern technologies. But in the current scenario, static information and lack of updated forest and biomass resource data have been a major problem. Moreover, visits to remote sites are expensive and time-consuming to verify the actual conditions of our forests and other biomass sources.

In view of the European Space agency Copernicus program, there are ample satellite data available. Now, to use this high-value data source, we need data processing capability and usable IT solutions to make it accessible for forest and related natural resources industry end-users. Wuudis platform services are covering these needs to drive dynamic forest, biomass, and plantation management, and monitoring. Additionally, Wuudis platform services help users to reduce their site visits as all updated resource data is available over a smartphone.

Improving and Evolving

Wuudis is a scalable and dynamic forest, biomass, plantation, and related natural resource management and monitoring service. It can integrate up-to-date satellite from European Space Agency, field information, and other open data sources to use advanced data analytics and digitalization to improve the efficiency of the entire supply Seppo Huurinainen CEO The 10 Most Intelligent Energy Tech Companies to Watch in 2021 chain, from planting to harvesting, supply chain, and enduse. The company consists of modular operational tools accessible through biomass geoinformatics. By providing real-time data for monitoring and decision-making, it also yields better forest health and quality of wood, less CO2 emissions from optimized transportation, and up-to-date biomass resource information for commercial exploitation within sustainable limits. Additionally, it includes functionalities such as biodiversity preservation and monitoring of forest hazards.

Wuudis platform services can produce cost savings of 20% by just converting paper-based forest, biomass, and plantation management plans into a digital form used with a smartphone. Additionally, the up-to-date biomass resource information based on satellite and field data, available on Wuudis platform drives the profitability of forest and biomass industries and companies. Through its present customers, it is proven that Wuudis improves the efficiency of daily routines by 20-40%, increases revenues by 10-15%, and reduces an enormous amount of CO emissions through 2 the more efficient mobilization of biomass.

A Persistent Entrepreneur

Huurinainen, CEO of Wuudis Solutions Oy is a veteran entrepreneur in developing and commercializing ICT based solutions for forestry, biomass, and related natural resourcebased business. He has over three decades of experience in the Forest and Bioenergy sector. His academic background includes specialization in GIS, IT, and silviculture with five university-level degrees.

He is the founder of Wuudis Solutions Oy, currently offering a wide range of ICT solutions for up-to-date forest, biomass, plantation, and related natural resource management and monitoring. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he held several developments and research positions within the forest and agriculture industry and worked for organizations such as the Finnish Forest and Park Service, Metla, the Forest Centre, Metsäliitto, Stora Enso, and the National Board of Education.

Focused on the Bio-energy Sector

The forestry and biomass industry are facing a transition due to advancements in Big-data and AI technologies. Wuudis has embraced the value of the Big-data and AI with open arms. As a part of the ICT4 Forest project funded by the European Space Agency, the organization is integrating with multiple big-data sources like satellite data, field data, and other open data sources, to run forest, biomass, and related natural resource business as a one-stop solution. Moreover, other service providers in the forestry and biomass IT domain can bring their services into its platform and generate income. The Wuudis platform will revolutionize the way forestry and biomass business works today as every stakeholder will be able to generate income from the ecosystem and a win-win situation will be created for everyone in the business value-chain.

Wuudis mission is to build an end-to-end platform service for comprehensive forest, biomass, plantation, and related natural resources management and monitoring. This platform would consist of an app, web-service, and AIbased solutions to increase the profitability and positive environmental impact.

Wuudis’ vision is to grow into one of the leading IT and data management companies globally to improve forest, biomass, and plantation management, and real-time monitoring of wood and bio-materials supplies.

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