Different styles of writing also allow the writer to organize his or her ideas in a more presentable manner. Before discussing different styles and forms of writing, here it is also essential to discuss that writing styles vary depending on the different types of writing. Different fields have different norms. The style, tone and the mode of expression may also vary. For example business writing deals with statistical data and evidences of the research whereas poetry and prose always require strong expressions, beauty of words, rhythm and a specific tone. So, the purpose behind a research article or an academic writing matter a lot while making suitable selection of writing styles.
Importance of Format and Presentation in Different Types of Writings
The importance of format and presentation cannot be neglected while going through different writings’ types. In professional or Formal writings like academic writing, business or technical writings, poetry and creative writing, formatting rules are deeply considered. On the other hand, informal writings are not restricted by any specific condition. However, whatever writing type you are going with, you always need to be concerned about the selection of content and font size. Below is a brief description on various forms of writing that are widely practiced academically.
Academic Writing
Academic writing and publishing is also known as scholarly writing. Academic writing always deals with specific audience and based on deep investigation. It circulates around its objectives and the importance of the topic. The paper under academic writing is organized with sufficient details. Different types of writing genres and text types are the part of academic writing. The subject or topic of debate is traditionally followed by every writer.
Creative Writing
Creative writing is a subjective form of writing that is difficult to define. Certainly, poetry and fiction come into this category. In most of the cases, one may easily find whether a particular writing is creative one or not. Creative writing topics demand skillful approach on the part of the writer. Creative writing techniques and tips must be studied before working out any script.
Business Writing
It is obvious that all writing styles always need proper concentration and focus. Whether you are writing an email, a personal letter or a business letter, you always require following a particular process. Same occurs with the business writings that should be clear enough so that the reader may better understand the purpose of the letter. Remember, effective business writings are a source of communication so clarity should be the top priority. You may also get business writing sample and business writing templates online that may help polishing business writing skills.

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