Words are probably one of the most sacred blessings of God that we fail to value the way we should. Everything in this world revolves around this beautiful collage of words that are capable of driving young dreams to fruition or taking life to Doomsday! There is no greater marvel than emotions evolving out of the untrammelled flow of words, words full of pure emotions and true thoughts.
Writing is the beautiful world of words that encompasses the whole world in itself. Words are the building blocks to success, failure, anguish, care, respect and love. It is a beautiful world of writing where every writer dives into the river of purity and divinity.
Sometimes, I feel God exists in these words, whose meanings keep vacillating with prefixes and suffixes of different emotions. Writers have the power to make words dance according to the tune of their thoughts. Hence, this lovely practice of writing in itself is bliss worth enjoying.

What makes writing beautiful?
I would answer that question by saying “Everything”. Writing is the innate art of breathing life into words and making them sway to your emotions. When you complement the right language with your earnest thoughts, you get the masterpiece great writers dream to achieve!
Writing in itself is such a complex thing, which in itself is also the easiest thing to do. It is mainly because writing is associated with love and divinity, the beautiful combination that isolates the soul and liberates it from its very own longings.

What is the impact of writing on a writer’s soul?
A writer’s world comprises of every eclectic aspect that tantalizes the soul and stirs your heart. Powerful words and writings can influence the writers in ways unknown to people with no love for emotions. Very few writers have the resilience to be back to normal after composing a piece that bares their entire heart and soul.
Writing has purgative effects on a writers’ soul, liberating it from the worldly affectations. It helps you grow as a person and cleanses your soul of uncertainties and untruths. It dresses your soul with expression and makes you tread on the path to serenity. Composing a beautiful piece of writing is the path to true happiness and beauty. It revitalizes your soul and makes you feel closer to the ‘Divine one’. For the rationale, writing balms not only your own but any wounded soul in the world.
Writing is like meditation; it should be practiced each day. You can find other means to earn as writing is but a tool to discover enlightenment and everlasting joy. The best form of writing is not the one that makes use of rich vocabulary, but one that stirs your heart and leaves your soul slightly touched or makes you feel exhausted at the end. If writing is what you relate with right now, go ahead and make your thoughts romance language. Create your own little world of bliss with writing and splurge into a world of ecstasy!

Author's Bio: 

Priyanka Iyer is a budding writer who strongly believes in the power of positive thinking and truth. She loves making words sway to the gentle realm of reality by composing poems and putting across her feelings and emotions. She likes to learn new languages and has a voracious appetite for good books.