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We are talking about a very wild subject.

It teaches you how to acquaint with letters and words.
The task of literature dissertation writing is very difficult, because it is a maze of study areas, and every branch is as fascinating as the other.

Prose and Poetry are the main and most popular branches, but one could do an extended essay in any one of the following areas:

• Victorian

• Classic American

• Seventeenth and eighteenth century

• Nineteenth century

• Twentieth century

• Modern

• Old English

• Modern English

• Romanticism

There are also nonfictional and fictional categories of the discussed subject:

Nonfictional (usually consists of real events and facts of life):

• Bibliographies

• Autobiographies

• Guides

• Reports and articles

• Historical books

• Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Fictional (this is that type of fiction that is invented-untrue, the characters are usually pointless):

• Literary fiction (consist of intellectual and descriptive stories)

• Screen plays (written for production in the theatre)

• Folklore (short stories written for publication in books and magazines)

• Commercial fiction (novels–romantic, suspense, mysteries, etc.)

The only difference between fictional and non-fictional is that, a fictional deal with everything that is only imaginary and non-fictional deals with reality and facts.

You could also probe into the histories of ancient famous writers.

Discuss their popular work in poetry or literate writing, their autobiographies, their struggle to success, their life styles and ways of earning a living.

Our ancient writers are a source of inspiration to us. You can broadly discuss them in your thesis also telling the reader about their achievements in life.

Artistic writing of the thesis:

An extended essay containing abstract material is just like painting.

You just have to take up your pen, and start painting your ideas, in the form of beautiful poetic words, on the paper.

Your idea should flow justlike an artist’s brush flows through the canvas.

This is not just like any other extended essay writing.
This type of writing requires real skills of putting your thoughts on the paper in such a way that the reader gets lost in the theme.

You should choose a discussion idea that is unique, and intriguing.

A dissertation literature is all about how you frame your ideas on the paper.

You have to be open and clear.

Every field of the subject has something interesting and fascinating in store for you.

The more you probe in to the history, the more fascinating stories you find to investigate. Moreover, some of them are really moralistic, and can become the main theme of your thesis.

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