This is true for extended essay writing too

Writing the extended essay map is a vital step towards the final writing process.

This article will provide you with a thesis design that you could use

People say it is a good habit of setting up your work before attempting to do it.

I totally agree!

In this way no necessary task is forgotten, and you can later on check to make sure if you have completed all the tasks in your disposition.

Dissertation plan is more of an outline that will guide you through the process of writing the final extended essay.

These are the important steps of designing thesis:

Step 1:

Choose a Title of Your Interest

To make sure that you are going to produce a really good extended essay, you have to choose a topic of your interest.

It is recommended that you choose a topic from your courses that you must have taken during your masters program.

Revise your lectures and notes, and then finally decide which subject intrigues you the most.

And then finally, extract a topic from it.

Step 2:

Prepare a To-Do List

This part is very tricky.

You have to be really sure about what you are going to achieve from your extended essay.

Then accordingly, map your tasks that are vital to your writing process.

Make sure that you jot down all the important things to do.

Step 3:

Decide Research Methods

You will thoroughly revise your topic, and then decide which research method will be most suitable.

Then you will give reasons for choosing it.

You will also state why you think this method is relevant for your topic.

Step 4:

Collect Information

Then collect all the information you can relating to your topic.

Use all the sources that are available to you.

You will also collect evidences that will support your research question and topic.

Moreover, collect all the references that you are using, this you will need for preparing your bibliography.

Step 5:


In this section, you will go through all the information you have collected.

Discard the information that you think is irrelevant to your research question, and keep those that are important.

Step 6:


This is a short summary of the extended essay.

This is usually written for outside readers to acknowledge them briefly about the content contained in the extended essay.

Step 7:

Literature Review

This is by far the lengthiest section.

Here, you have to define your purpose and give real world evidences and facts to support it.

You will give all the intricate details to support your argument.

In literature review all the questions arising from your topic have to be answered.

Step 7:


Finally, you revise your work thoroughly and look for any mistakes you might have made.

If you find any, correct them.

Step 8:


This is where you do your citations.

You have to give references of all the information sources you have used.


Once you are done with the Planning dissertation, you can start working on it.

Now you can completely sure that you will not miss any important task.

In between, you can consult your list and check whether you are going according to your disposition or not.

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