The words you write come through your mind, but they originate in your heart. It is this heart center that becomes the channel through which your source, your god, your spirit, inspires you to share your messages. You become what my spiritual teacher refers to as the hollow bone that allows the message to be channeled. When you understand how to allow yourself to become the vessel, you will be guided by a force that will take you on journeys into the depths of your imagination. The key is in learning how to step out of your ego-brain and tap into that heart-centered source. When you can consistently do that, you will become a powerful writer.

A true writer is driven to put their experience on paper. What holds the reader is your enthusiasm, your emotions, how it changed your life – what made you want to write in the first place. The source of all of what you convey through your writing is your connection to spirit, to your god, no matter how that appears for you in your life. One of my writers referred to it as becoming the flute that allows the breath of spirit to flow through. To become a transformational writer, allow the message to move through you from that source.

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