Dissertation refers to an in-depth research that is conducted by an individual to increase exhaustive knowledge about the central question or about the selected research topic. Additionally, dissertation is presented by the students in argument format using evidence to know about the research topic deeply and to enhance critical and evaluation skills. Attractiveness and reliability of dissertation depends on the way of writing dissertation. To write an effective dissertation, one has to follow following steps:

Selection of the topic

It is the primary step to write a good dissertation. In this, researcher should select recent and relevant topic that has enough significance from the academic and practical point of view. At the time of selecting topic, it is essential for the researcher to choose the topic that is manageable and is interesting and information. Data collection should be possible. It will be beneficial for the researcher to discuss topic with supervisor and decide accordingly.

Purpose or main theme

Purpose or aim of the selected topic for the dissertation should be clear in the mind of researcher, because effectiveness of dissertation depends on the formulated aims and objectives of the research. In this, aims, objectives and question should be developed by the researcher clearly.

Important Aspects and Structure

Systematic and structured format is an important part of dissertation to attract the attention of readers. So, an effective structure should be followed and should include necessary and appropriate points in the dissertation. Following points should be included:


In this, researcher should discuss main theme of the research effectively. Additionally, aims, objectives and problem statement are also effective parts of this chapter to provide basic information about the dissertation.

Literature review

In this, recent and relevant topic that has been chosen should be critically studied and presented. Basic or fundamental concepts related to the topic should be included by the researcher. Appropriate headings and sub-headings should be selected by the researcher according to the objectives of the research. Critical analysis and finding the gaps in literature is the main objective of writing this aspect of dissertation. In this, supportive and argumentative statement should be used to make a critical discussion.

Research Methodology

It is main important part of the project to reach at the effective and appropriate result of the research problem. Research methodology should be relevant to make gathered data relevant to achieve objectives of the project. Depending upon the objectives, one may have to select primary and/or secondary method of data collection.

Data analysis and Findings

Data that is collected from the literature review, primary and secondary means should analyze in this step of writing dissertation.

Conclusion and recommendation

It reflects the overall summary of the dissertation that reflects the main theme of the research. So, at the time of writing this part, researcher should discuss alignment between objectives and research findings.

Writing Style

Writing style of the dissertation should be effective and attractive. In this, researcher should use critical statement in terms of using perception of different authors with evidence. It makes more reliable results of the research. Use of appropriate methodologies and steps also help the researcher to write effective dissertation.

Time management

Time management plays fundamental role to make valuable research. For this, before starting writing dissertation, one should prepare a schedule that should include particular chapter of the research and completion time. It will help the researcher to attain the objectives of the research and write whole dissertation within estimated time.

Selection of Methodology

Selection of the methodology depends upon the nature of research problem. Mainly two types of research methodology are available such as qualitative and quantitative research format. Qualitative research format or nature is related with the subjective data and elements of the research topic. On the other side, quantitative research format is related with the statistic data of the research. If research problem is subjective, then researcher should use qualitative research format. At the same time, if research problem is presented in statistic form, then researcher should use quantitative research format. Selection of research design, research approach, etc. also depends over the nature of research problem. So, the researcher should pick relevant research methodology to write effective dissertation.

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