Wowza hosting media server is joint software of servers produced by Wowza Media Systems. It is utilized to stream live and on-demand audio, rich internet applications and video via private as well as public IP networks to various sorts of computers, cell phones, set-top boxes, televisions linked to web, etc. It is a form of Java application and can be run on operating systems such as Linux, Window, UNIX, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Moreover it is able to stream to a number of playback clients and musical gadgets at the same time which involves Adobe Flash player, iOS devices, Microsoft Silverlight player, 3GPP mobile phones, Apple Quick Time player, game consoles such as Wii and PS3, and IPTV set-top boxes.

The very first model of Wowza hosting server titled 1.0.x was launched in 2007 and was initially meant as an alternate for the Adobe Flash Media Server and utilized to support streamed audio, RIA and video for the your playback.

The model 1.5.x was commenced in the year 2008 with extra sustain for AAC (advanced audio coding) audio and H.264 video, support for RTSP, MPEG-TS, RTP and ICY means for streaming returned to the client of Flash Player.

model 2.0.x was titled as Wowza Media Server 2 and was launched in 2009. This version gives facilities such as outbound H.264 stream support for Apple HTTP protocol for iOS devices e.g. iPad as well as iPhone, MS HTTP stream for the purpose of Silverlight player, and so on.

Just last year i.e. in October 2011 the most sophisticated version 3.0.x came which has added Live transcoding, DRM plug-in function and DVR.

From these varied brands, Wowza Media Server 2 is considered an utterly high-performing, flexible and extremely responsive Flash media to be used for live and on-demand streaming, recording as well as chat.

Wowza hosting equipped with Media Server 2 receives forever RTMP and bandwidth as offered with the plan and there are no limitations on the quanity of various connections.

Wowza hosting is brought into use for live streaming of audio and video using RTMP, MPEG-TS encoders and MPEG, online radio-restreaming from shoutcast or icecast server and encoders, video conferencing, audio or textual IMs, remote assistance, online games, data delivery, telecommunications, cell phone service providers, broadcasters of television and radio, and a lot of system providers. Wowza hosting is useful even for independent sites and also possesses license to use hardware as well as software products for other establishments to trade using the brand name of the establishment. Media Server 2 also lets automatic setting of an expansive range of scripts like Mambo, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on.

Wowza Media Server 3 provides streaming of inward as well as outward audio, metadata and video. The server offers a technique for fixing bespoke server-side applications or types of streams. These categories of streams are configured with the property of Stream Type or Streams in the Application.xml file. The media maintained by Wowza hosting server 3 are Flash Video or FLV, MP3 content and QuickTime container or MP4. By putting an appropriate prefix before the file name, you are also able to run on-demand video. By putting it a stream name is formed. Widely occruing sorts of prefixes are smil, mp4, mp3 and flv.

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